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Our Mission

Mission Statement: “To serve the community through interdisciplinary and innovative full scope family medicine education”

Vision: “We are here to develop full scope family medicine physicians within interdisciplinary teams who embrace health equity, evidence-based medicine and provide outstanding community-focus care”

In the last 30 years, more than 150 residents have graduated from the program and continued to serve local communities. At the Providence St. Peter Hospital Family Medicine Residency Program our mission is to train our residents as follows:

Care of the Underserved

As a Family Medicine Residency Program affiliated with the Sisters of Providence Health System, we are committed to providing care for the underserved. We serve a large disadvantaged population in our practice and promote this core value in our residents' future practices.

Family-centered Maternity Care

Our curriculum provides 3 months of obstetrics during the first year. This includes covering labor and delivery, learning labor management of high and low risk OB, surgical skills, and outpatient management of low risk obstetrics. We have an excellent back up OB specialists helping our residents to care our patients in the hospital. Local OB/GYN group will also involve residents in labor and delivery management. Residents provide maternity care in their own practice throughout their 3 year training and participate in adolescent OB clinic in the third year. In average, residents will have 15 cases ore more of continuity OB care through out their training.

Personal and Professional Balance

We promote personal and professional balance for our residents. Three weeks of vacation are provided each year. There is an all-resident retreat days, as well as a retreat at the conclusion of the first year of training. Support groups meet twice a month as an ongoing source of resident support and growth. Our innovative curriculum is designed to balance your wellness and learning.

Quality and Innovation

We have been selected to participate in national grants and collaboratives that are redesigning patient care as we know it. We thrive to practice evidence based medicine and provide the high quality care for our underserved population. Innovative curriculum is needed to support residents to live through the ever changing medicine world!

Our History

About 30 years ago, the Olympia community demand was in primary care. In 1991, a local group created the St. Peter Family Medicine Residency Program to meet the needs of the community. Since then, St. Peter Family Medicine has been the leader of implementing Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH) and serving Olympia and the surrounding areas. Residency clinic was the first clinic to incorporate behavioral health into primary care in the community. We started off from 6 residents per class, then grew up to 7 residents per class.

To serve the community even better, a PGY2 Ambulatory Pharmacy Residency was established in 2012 and we expanded our in rural area - Chehalis Rural Track Program started in 2015.

Most recently, another rural training in Elma Summit Pacific Family Medicine Rural Track Training in collaboration with Summit Pacific Medical Center was started in summer 2020.

Our Dental residency program started in 2023 in collaboration with Neighborcare Health in the same building of the residency clinic.