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Wellness Curriculum

Balance and Wellness

The Resident Wellness Committee, consisting of residents and faculty who plan events focused on resident well-being throughout the three years of residency training. Residents oversee a amply funded annual wellness budget. A variety of activities are planned throughout the year, including participation on sports teams, social events, and local excursions. From soccer, bicycling and fly fishing to picnics and holiday parties, we're sure you'll find an activity you'll enjoy. Spouses, partners, and children are always welcome!

An interns' retreat is held at the end of the academic year. Resident retreats are held during three separate workdays throughout the year.

Free fitness center membership at the hospital fitness center is available for all residents.

There are regularly scheduled support groups for each class. The first-year resident support group is facilitated by a graduate of the program. The second and third year resident support group uses a Balint format and is facilitated by community-based adjunct faculty. Residents determine the focus of each group meeting.