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Why Residents Chose Our Program

Since a young age, I have been passionate about medicine and technology. My quest for deeper understanding of computer techniques and their uses in medicine led me from my home in Vietnam to the U.S. as an international exchange student. In college I initially studied software engineering and computer science, but I was constantly drawn to the human side of technology. This is what inspired me to pursue medicine as a profession.

If you desire a wealth of knowledge in transgender and women’s health, or if you believe in the power of integrative medicine with the emphasis on osteopathic manipulation and acupuncture, then Providence St. Peter Family Medicine is an ideal training program for you. Here you will be surrounded by faculty and staff who passionately teach, mentor, and show residents that family medicine is not simply a practice of medicine, but also a practice of humanity. And if you are a lover of the great outdoors, the everlasting stretch of trails and nature of Olympia will fill your heart with joy, as you stumble through the dense forest within footsteps of civilization.
Hieu Duong, MD

I chose SPFM for the community and location. Located in a small city with a population in need, we have access to the resources of the large cities of Seattle and Portland within driving distance while having the opportunity to work in rural communities and practice family medicine at its purest form. The community is evolving, and our program will continue to grow with it.

I like the programs ability to prepare me to become an independent full-spectrum family physician. Preparing you for continuity of care, working with families starting from their birth. As an R1, you work independently with the attending to prepare you to be an independent thinker. As an R2, the curriculum is set up to prepare you for group practice by having your class work together covering for each other. During your R3 year, you mentor your fellow residents and prepare you to be an independent attending. Everything is building up so you can be the best version of yourself.
Fang-yu Lee, MD

In medical school I was excited about a future career in family medicine because of the unique ability to provide excellent and comprehensive care to all people regardless of background. I believe in the power of the patient-physician relationship over time to promote health and the responsibility that physicians have to understanding the communities they serve. The training at PSPH closely reflects these values through core- and community-based faculty who are dedicated to providing full-spectrum family medicine care and a rigorous curriculum that prioritizes continuous relationships with patients that starts on day one. I am also appreciative of the flexibility of our curriculum and the open-mindedness of our faculty that provides our residents with opportunities to seek out additional skills or exposures to complement the already excellent clinical training.
Ryan Kuhar, MD, MPH