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Curriculum Highlights

Our innovative "Clinic First" curriculum is on the cutting edge of Family Medicine training.

Recently our curriculum has undergone major transformations in order to train family doctors for modern practice while still balancing the need for those who choose to do full scope medicine. Each year is unique and progressively will look more and more like your future practice - preparing you for the future.

Separation of Outpatient and Inpatient Responsibilities in the R-1 Year

We have split inpatient and outpatient duties in the R-1 year. What this means is that if you start in the hospital in the morning you will continue inpatient duties without needing to switch mid-day. This differs significantly from traditional training methods. It allows the residents to focus their learning on one aspect of their training at a time. This increases overall clinic when compared with traditional training and allows for greater continuity and to develop stronger personal relationships with your patients.

2+2 Format in the R-2 Year

Our second year takes the separation of inpatient and outpatient duties even farther. Second year residents spend 2 weeks in rotations with minimal outpatient clinic followed by 2 weeks of outpatient continuity clinic. This significantly increases clinic availability for continuity with your own patients. R-2 residents know that if they see a patient today they will be back in clinic in 2 weeks for follow-up.

Longitudinal R-3 Year

Our Third Year Curriculum takes clinic first to its ultimate conclusion. R-3 residents do 52 individual weeks which allows for the resident to act like a practicing family physician. Some weeks you will be doing inpatient coverage with minimal clinic - analogous to a rural family practice that sees its own Inpatient/Peds/OB. Some weeks you will be doing electives - analogous to CME weeks. This is where the resident gets to hone the skills needed for their future practice type. Most weeks (32) will be in the outpatient continuity practice seeing the panel that you have come to know well over the preceding 2 years.

Specialty Clinics

We offer a number of "sub-specialty and procedural clinics" that are held in the residency clinic building. Many of these clinics have one resident and one attending physician from the particular specialty such as OB/GYN, Pediatrics, Psychiatry, etc. Some of our specialty clinics include:

  • Colposcopy
  • Primary Care Psychiatry
  • Suboxone
  • Osteopathic manipulation
  • Pediatric Consultation
  • Procedure clinic
  • Travel Medicine
  • Home visits
  • Nursing Home Visits
  • Gynecology
  • Adolescent OB
  • Occupational Medicine


Providence St. Peter Family Medicine is committed to teaching obstetrical care. Residents will learn from OBGYN residency faculty, Family Medicine faculty, some with Obstetric Fellowships, OB/GYN hospitalists, and community OBGYNs. Our residency program is unopposed which allows residents to learn low to high risk obstetrical care from a variety of attendings. Some of our residents have completed Obstetric Fellowships after graduating from our program.

Our program also provides obstetric care to adolescent pregnant patients with a multidisciplinary team of providers, including residents, faculty, behavioral health providers, and nutritionists.


Residents rotate with Seattle Children's Hospitalists Inpatient team at St. Peter Hospital in addition to rounding with family medicine faculty on the SPFM service. We also have pediatric faculty that residents work and learn from in the outpatient setting. R2s have a 4 week rotation at Mary Bridge Children's Hospital Emergency Department which is a level-II pediatric trauma hospital located in Tacoma, Washington.

International Rotation Opportunities

There is elective time in the second and third years that we encourage residents to use to complete one or more international rotations. Through our foundation - financial support can be easily applied for to offset the costs of these rotations. Over the years we have had many residents travel all over the world and can help you select a site. We currently have strong relationships to hospitals in Malawi, Haiti, and Guatemala just to name a few.

Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT)

SPFM views addiction medicine as a core competency of primary care and is important in its mission to serve marginalized populations. All residents receive their buprenorphine waiver certification in their R-1 year and see patients for MAT in the course of their continuity clinic panel. To supplement their training, residents regularly participate in our addiction/pain specialty clinic in their R-2 and R-3 years and also have exposure to a community low-barrier buprenorphine clinic (the Olympia Bupe Clinic).

Electronic Health Record

Our clinic uses EPIC which is connected with not only the hospital, ER, and L&D but with other institutions in the region. Residents receive EPIC training during orientation prior to starting residency as well as extra training in September of R1 year to further customize and assist with efficiency.

St Peter Family Medicine - Block Rotation Schedule

Year I
Year II
Year III
Ambulatory Pediatrics - 4 weeks Ambulatory Pediatrics - 2 weeks

Continuity Clinic/Rapid Access Clinic- 35 weeks

Elective- 2 weeks Continuity Clinic - 20 weeks Orthopedics- 1 week
Community Medicine - 2 weeks Advanced Family Medicine Orientation- 4 weeks Electives - 8 weeks
Emergency Medicine - 4 weeks Emergency Pediatrics, Mary Bridge, Tacoma - 4 weeks Emergency Medicine - longitudinal
Family Medicine Orientation - 4 weeks Adult Inpatient Medicine - 6 weeks Sports Medicine- 1 week
GYN - 4 weeks Night Inpatient Adult Medicine- 6 weeks Inpatient Medicine Service - 7 weeks
Inpatient Pediatrics - 8 weeks Specialty Clinics (listed above)- longitudinal Orthopedics & Sports Medicine - 2 weeks
Orthopedics- 4 weeks Elective - 6 weeks Specialty Clinics (listed above) - longitudinal
Inpatient Adult Medicine - 8 weeks Surgery - 2 weeks Geriatrics, Urology, Nursing Home- longitudinal
Night OB/Pediatrics- 4 weeks

Obstetrics - 8 weeks