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Resident Wellness

We support developing physicians to find balance, connection, and meaning in their work. Physician well-being requires an environment of inclusion, respect, and compassion; our program takes this goal very seriously.

Please ask us more about our curriculum, including these highlights:

  • Resident well-being representatives, who are financially supported by the program, set priorities and plan social activities for the year. We prioritize connection among our residents with seasonal and monthly social events, including fall pumpkin patch, ZooLights at the Oregon Zoo, winter party, hikes, concerts, and more!
  • A retreat each spring with work coverage giveserage provides opportunity for bonding and renewal.
  • We prioritize connection among our residents with seasonal and monthly social events including a fall pumpkin patch, Oregon ZooLights, hikes, concerts and more!
  • Program sponsored lunches offer camaraderie and time to explore themes of connection, gratitude, resilience, mindfulness, goal setting, and meaning in our work.
  • Monthly resident support group as well as physician coaching provide a safe space for bonding and discussion.
  • Providence Caregiver Resource Groups provide connection based on shared characteristics or life experiences, including Black, Asian, LatinX, and LGBTQ providers.
  • An annual remembrance session, ICU palliative care debriefs, and Schwartz Center Rounds are examples of times for reflection.
  • Our residents have robust opportunity for autonomy, close doctor-patient relationships, and faculty mentorship.
  • We support our residents to travel to academic conferences.
  • Career planning is explored early and supported with 1-on-1 mentorship.
  • Wellness half days protect time for personal care needs.
  • Peer-to-peer mentorship, established during intern year, provides additional support and fosters a culture of connection among residents.
  • Residents can readily access confidential personal mental health care.
  • Our residents have access to many care resources: meal stipend, free public transit, LifeBalance Program (includes discounts to area fitness facilities and recreational activities), Caregiver Support programs (services for counseling, legal, child/elder care needs, and more).
  • Program leadership advocates for robust employee benefits and a fair workload.

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