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Current Residents

Our residents originate from several areas throughout the U.S. and beyond. Despite varied academic backgrounds, geographic diversity and career goals ranging from primary care to academic research, our residents share one common goal: to become the best physicians possible.

PGY - 1

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Description automatically generatedJobe Ashby, MD

Medical School: University of Washington
Undergraduate: Washington State University

Jobe found his calling for medicine during his undergraduate studies at Washington State University and quickly realized his passion for helping the vulnerable and underserved. He became an EMT and found he enjoyed helping patients and lending and ear when they needed it. When he is not attending to or educating himself on his two large aquariums, he enjoys pampering his 10-year-old rescue Chihuahua.

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Description automatically generatedLisa Stampke, MD

Medical School: Oregon Health & Science University
Undergraduate: Oregon State University

After 2+ years as a patient representative at St. Charles Health in Redmond, Lisa moved to Portland to attend OHSU. Growing up in rural eastern Oregon, her strong family connections and curiosity pushed her toward medicine. Lisa has a passion and focus for bringing rural healthcare to communities in need with the goal to bring needed change to these communities and make healthcare more accessible. She enjoys weightlifting, pickleball, horseback riding, baking, and spending time with her family.

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Calder Dorn, DO

Medical School: Western University
Undergraduate: Oregon State University

Calder has a passion for internal medicine and relishes in the opportunities it provides to solve complex problems. He also loves partnering with patients to help improve their lives through optimizing their sleep, diet, and exercise. Raised in Beaverton, Calder found himself wanting to stay and complete residency here in the Pacific Northwest. When the weather is right he enjoys the backpacking, paddle boarding, skiing and volleyball.

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Description automatically generated Andrew Elton, MD

Medical School: University of Minnesota
Undergraduate: University of Wisconsin

Working as a medical scribe during school, sparked an interest in research activities and led to Andrew publishing a case report on a patient seen in the emergency room. Andrew went on to publish numerous peer-reviewed journal articles/abstracts, highlighting his passion for writing and sharing his knowledge with others. He enjoys listening to various podcasts, canoeing/kayaking/SUP’ing. He is also a juggler, golfer, and snowboarder. His love of the outdoors will help Andrew feel right at home here in Oregon.

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Description automatically generatedMatthew Moritz, MD

Medical School: University of Minnesota Medical School
Undergraduate: University of Minnesota

Matthew grew up in a small town in central Minnesota where he found his passion for internal medicine while working as a CNA at a local nursing home. During medical school, Matthew volunteered at an underserved clinic where he learned a great deal about the social determinates of health barriers and how this impacts the care patients receive. He is excited about a career in Internal Medicine and looks forward to exploring different career options. He enjoys hiking, going to concerts, exploring breweries, playing volleyball, and listening to discover weekly on Spotify.

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Description automatically generatedLinh Taylor, MD

Medical School: Oregon Health & Science University
Undergraduate: Linfield College

Linh came to the US at 18. After working in administration in a Thailand hospital, and with inspiration from her mother, Linh knew she wanted to become a physician. She is excited about the opportunities to use her knowledge to improve patient outcomes through quality improvement. When not taking virtual piano lessons with her Vietnamese piano teacher, she enjoys Bikram Yoga, playing netball, swimming, cooking and reading.

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Description automatically generated Julia Townsend, MD

Medical School: Wright State University
Undergraduate: Purdue University

After spending a year in the AmeriCorps leading a team to disaster projects, Julia realized learning to be an advocate for her team would lead to being an advocate for her patients when she decided to go into medicine. Julia enjoys traveling from state-to-state hiking, backpacking and camping in state and national parks. She enjoys biking, yoga, reading, gardening and golf (although she states she is very much a beginner).

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Dalton VanderPol, MD

Medical School: University of Washington
Undergraduate: University of Idaho

Each year, Dalton sold raffle tickets for the Annual Sweetheart’s ball, benefiting Camp Journey, a pediatric oncology camp; then he spent one week each for the next two summers as a counselor for the camp. This lent well to his passion for the outdoors. He enjoys hiking and backpacking in remote wilderness areas and has been avid fly fisherman since his youth.

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Tevyn Kage, MD

Medical School: Washington State University
Graduate: Washington State University
Undergraduate: Whitworth University

Tevyn started his work in healthcare as a full-time scribe in the emergency department before heading off to Thailand to teach English as a foreign language for a month. During his time in Thailand, Tevyn coordinated with the biology department at Chiang Mai University to establish a location and resources for a biology camp on a local mountain. He proceeded to accompany those students on a three-day camping trip with guided activities and lectures.

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Raji Nagalla, MD

Medical School: University of California, Irvine
Graduate: University of California, Irvine
Undergraduate: Wellesley College

Raji grew up right around the corner in Hillsboro, OR, and is returning for a prelim year after completing undergrad in New England and her MD/PhD in Southern California. For the past 7 years, Raji has served as a peer mentor and leader in the UC Irvine MSTP in parallel with her research in wound healing, co-founding the UCI advocates for Women in MSTP and MSTP Equity group, and supporting fellow medical students through a peer mentor program. Outside of medicine, she enjoys gardening, cooking, books on tape, and many types of fiber arts including knitting, crochet, embroidery, and machine sewing.

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Aaron Peterschmidt, MD

Medical School: Oregon Health & Science University
Undergraduate: Oregon State University

Aaron’s passion for detail lent itself well to his start as a medical records scribe for the emergency room physicians in 2016. Applying those detail skills has also made him a very successful and passionate indoor/outdoor gardener. For the last two years, Aaron has also volunteered for Building Blocks 2 Success, an organization that helps underrepresented youth get excited about STEM. Since he is not busy enough, he greatly enjoys Ultimate Frisbee sports and disc golf, and is a member of the USA Ultimate engaging in team practices and tournaments. In his down time, Aaron enjoys reading science fiction and fantasy. His attention to detail will lend itself well to his future career as an anesthesiologist.

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Jacob “Jake” Smith, MD

Medical School: Oregon Health & Science University
Undergraduate: Linfield University

While in medical school, Jacob invented and established a mobile outreach program for OHSU’s department of dermatology. This provides free skin screenings for underserved populations across Oregon using SKLIP dermoscopy and medical student volunteers. Jacob also began his medical career as a scribe for an Urgent Care Clinic. He is a lifelong soccer player and enjoys Timber’s games and watching the English Premier League. Jake enjoys sand volleyball, tennis, hiking, woodworking, wine tasting and food tours. He also says that he has too many houseplants (but enjoys taking care them).

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PGY - 2

Alexis Amatisto, DOAlexis Amatisto, DO

Medical School: Western University
Undergraduate: Oregon State University

Alexis is a native Oregonian. While she considered the fast-paced environment of Emergency Medicine, Alexis realized that Internal Medicine fills her desire to have continuity with patients and see how the course of their complex diseases unfold. As a possible future Intensivist, Alexis hopes to combine clinical excellence with research that improves how medicine is practiced. Some of Alexis’ hobbies include hiking, snowboarding, crime podcasts, and creating healthy.

Brittany Cook, DOBrittany Cook, DO

Medical School: Rocky Vista University
Undergraduate: University of Nebraska

Brittany brings a wealth of life experiences and commitment to service, including two years working to support communities in Peru impacted by inequalities. In medical school she continued community outreach as a fundraiser for Denver Safe House and as a volunteer at health fairs for underserved populations. Brittany has many interests outside of medicine as well: outdoor recreation, gardening, Salsa dancing, yoga, and exploring diverse food. She will fit right in with Portland life.

Jaye Espinas, MDJaye Espinas, MD

Medical School: University of Queensland, Australia
Undergraduate: Arizona State University

Jaye comes to us from the University of Queensland, a collaborative training with experiences in both Australia and New Orleans. She attributes her work ethic and interest in medicine to her 1st generation Filipino immigrant parents who worked as nurses. Jaye developed a strong drive to improve the lives of others working with youth involved in the criminal justice system, caring for patients on hospice, and organizing events for those with social anxiety. Jaye is leaning towards a career in primary care or outpatient focused specialty. Jaye’s many hobbies include glass painting, Karaoke, anime, Zumba, Aikido and dog training.

Kemin Fena, MDKemin Fena, MD

Medical School: University of North Dakota
Undergraduate: Michigan Technological University

Kemin is a northern Mid-westerner with a culturally rich background that includes Chinese, Italian and Finnish influences. She attributes this diversity with developing her adaptable spirit and commitment to serving others. She hopes to use her engineering training towards process improvement to address social determinants of health and healthcare delivery systems. Consistent with her diverse background, Kemin enjoys studying languages and cultures, travel, Podcasts, cooking, Nordic skiing, and classical music.

Michael Knapp, MDMichael Knapp, MD

Medical School: Oregon Health & Science University
Undergraduate: Portland State University

Michael is another native Oregonian with a commitment to underserved communities. As a student he served with a mobile COVID response team aiding migrant farm workers, studied the impact of health literacy on hospital utilization, and researched an ambulatory intensive care unit for those suffering houselessness. Despite his firm local roots, Michael is an avid travel and photographer who has backpacked in over forty countries. In his free time, Michael competitively trains for and teaches Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Abby Lindseth, MDAbby Lindseth, MD

Medical School: University of Minnesota Medical School
Undergraduate: University of Minnesota

Abby grew up in a small town in northern Minnesota. As a third-year student selected to participate in the Rural Physician Associate Program, Abby was able to return to her community for clinical rotations where she was praised for her medical knowledge, leadership, character, and communication skills. Abby has academic interests in interprofessional medical ethics and environmental activism. She speaks conversational Norwegian and loves reading National Geographic and literary classics. Other hobbies include long distance running, biking, backpacking, and baking bread.

Christinia Patel, MDChristinia Patel, MD

Medical School: University of Tennessee
Undergraduate: Brea College, Kentucky

As a first-generation college student from rural Tennessee, Christiana has a passion for tutoring and mentoring those who might face barriers to obtaining education. After college she joined AmeriCorps and tutored students in Washington’s DC’s most at risk schools. She has worked as a peer mentor and advisor for pre-medical students and fellow college students. Christiana enjoys travel- having studied abroad in Japan, completed research in Brazil, and explored many other countries. Other hobbies include journalism and painting.

Amanda Tep, DOAmanda Tep, DO

Medical School: Western University
Undergraduate: Oregon State University

Amanda rotated with us on cardiology, and we are excited to have her back. Amanda was born and raised in Portland, headed to Corvallis and Lebanon for school, and is happy to return home to ultimately serve the community in which she grew up. While in medical school, Amanda volunteered with the Lebanon Health Career Ladder program to inspire high school students to pursue science, was a Student Ambassador, and reviewed applications for the DREAM Program for under-represented pre-medical students. She has two years of scribe experience and speaks basic Cambodian and Spanish. In addition to spending time with family and friends, Amanda likes exploring new restaurants, playing tennis, and hiking.

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PGY - 3

Hannah Giger, DOHannah Giger, DO

Medical School: University of New England
Graduate: Boston University, Public Health
Undergraduate: University of Oregon, Biology and Chemistry

Hannah returns to Oregon after a six-year hiatus in New England. She was a varsity cross country runner in college and still enjoys being active in the outdoors. Hannah brings her strong work ethic and an interest in advocacy for LGBTQIA+ health and patients with substance use disorder. In medical school Hannah helped facilitate a course on Cultural Humility and Biases. Hannah’s diverse hobbies include woodworking, photography, playing a variety of musical instruments, cooking, gardening, and learning Russian.

Maxwell Hirsh, MDMaxwell Hirsh, MD

Medical School: Oregon Health & Science University
Undergraduate: University of Oregon, Physics and Psychology

Max will join us after completing a preliminary year in New York where he discovered his love for Internal Medicine and developed a resiliency that comes from working in an epicenter of the COVID pandemic. He is an advocate for equity in health care and has experience in health policy lobbying. Max is a true Oregonian with diverse talents and interests: jazz piano, electric bass, learning Japanese, computer programming, cooking, running, and homebrewing.

Leslie Hudson, DOLeslie Hudson, DO
Medical School: Western University, College of Osteopathic Medicine
Undergraduate: St. Olaf College of Northfield, Psychology

Leslie, an Oregonian, was a competitive English Hunter/Jumper and founded a summer horse camp for children. Her health care research with Mayo Clinic, volunteer work with underserved populations, and early personal experiences taught her about the nuances and complexity of medicine. She loves both the science and human connection in medicine and is excited about a future career as a hospitalist. Her commitment to learning and humanity were evident when she did her cardiology rotation here at PSVMC. When not engaged in school or riding horses, Leslie enjoys reading, writing, drawing, and the outdoors.

Bethany Koschel, DOBethany Koschel, DO

Medical School: Western University of Health Science College of Osteopathic Medicine
Undergraduate: University of Colorado, Integrative Biology

Bethany was an excellent student in our ICU, and we are fortunate to have return for more. She grew up in Loveland, Colorado where she worked as a CNA caring for patients with dementia. Her undergraduate capstone project investigated what “community” means to nursing home residents. These experiences honed her values of patient advocacy and personalized care. She was awarded her medical school’s 2018 Distinguished Service Award and was elected to the Gold Humanism Honor Society. Most of Bethany’s free time is focused on her two rescue dogs.

Adrianna Morse, BA/MD

Adrianna Morse, BA/MD

Medical School: University of Missouri– Kansas City
Undergraduate: University of Missouri-Kansas City, Biology

Adrianna, a Kansan, comes to us from Missouri where she completed a combined BA/MD program. She will be welcome on the ACU as she has done Quality Improvement research on preventing hypoglycemia in the inpatient setting. Adrianna is a people person. She served as a peer mentor, student ambassador, and as a wellness organizer promoting events to establish camaraderie amongst students. Adrianna competed in collegiate dance and continues dance for enjoyment and exercise. She is an avid podcast listener, reads mystery and horror novels, and cooks Italian dishes.

Michelle Nguyen, MDMichelle Nguyen, MD

Medical School: Oregon Health & Science University
Undergraduate: Oregon State University, Microbiology

Michelle is well known to us having done several clinical rotations at PSVMC. Michelle has worked as an EPIC tutor, scribe, and student volunteer at a free clinic. She was a board member for the Asian Pacific American Medical Student Association, raising awareness of health challenges and supporting cultural events. Michelle is fluent in Vietnamese and hopes to serve her community as a primary care physician. She enjoys weightlifting, playing classical piano, board games, hiking and kayaking, and being actively involved in her church.

Omar Pandhair, MDOmar Pandhair, MD

Medical School: Oregon Health & Science University
Undergraduate: University of Texas-Dallas, Biology

Omar was raised in Oregon by Pakistani parents. He loves to teach, having started as a middle school tutor at his local mosque, becoming a peer educator in college, and facilitating the narrative medicine course at OHSU. In evaluations, he is described as “innately compassionate, upbeat and humble”. During the pandemic he grilled food for a houseless community. Omar’s hobbies include football, American politics and foreign policy, and walking on beautiful trails near his home.

Allison Schue, DOAllison Schue, DO

Medical School: Western University of Health Science College Osteopathic Medicine
Undergraduate: Oregon State University, Microbiology & Chemistry

Allison is an Oregon native who left long enough for a semester at St. Andrews in Scotland. She is dedicated to improving her local community having conducted public health research, working with the OMA Equity and Inclusion taskforce, volunteering at a community clinic, and participating in advocacy work. She has possible career interests in Palliative care and Rheumatology. Alison’s hobbies include running, cooking, travel and spending time with family and friends.

Allison Schue, DODivya Nimmatoori, MD

Medical School: NTR University of Health Sciences, India

Born and raised in India in a family full of physicians, Divya is the 21st doctor in her family. She had an inherent liking for medicine from the beginning but recognized her true calling when she saw her dad serve landmine victims during the Gulf War. Divya volunteered with EKAM, a non-profit group that strives to uplift healthcare for the underprivileged, was a clinical skills instructor for first- and second-year medical students at OHSU and worked for ambulatory care quality improvement. A passionate singer, she has recorded a song for an Indian movie, is a part of a music band, is involved in fundraising-through-singing and wants to research the benefits of music therapy in the future. She also enjoys Bollywood dancing, fusion cooking, spending time with her husband and little daughter and catching up with her parents and sister over zoom.

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