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How to Apply

Providence St. Vincent Medical Center participates in the National Resident Matching Program. We welcome qualified graduates from M.D. and D.O. programs. Applications should be submitted through the Electronic Residency Application System (ERAS). Paper and email applications will not be accepted or reviewed.

Applicants who have signaled our program and meet our selection criteria will be preferentially considered for interviews. Students that did not signal our program will also be offered interviews.

Application deadline is December 1 - Early application is encouraged as interview spots are limited and fill quickly!

We require the following:

  • Completed ERAS Application
  • Medical school transcript
  • Personal statement
  • Dean's letter (MPSE)
  • Three letters of recommendation - one from the department of internal medicine or a department representative from your third-year clerkship.
  • USMLE or COMLEX transcript for Step 1 (with Step II and CS available before ranking deadline)*

Eligibility and Selection Criteria

Applicants must be graduates of:

  • U.S. or Canadian medical schools accredited by the Liaison Committee on Medical Education (LCME).
  • Osteopathic medical school accredited by the American Osteopathic Association (AOA).
  • Applicants should be eligible to be licensed in the State of Oregon

International Graduates

  • Have a full and unrestricted license to practice medicine in a U.S. licensing jurisdiction in which they are training
  • International medical graduates must have a valid ECFMG certification prior to appointment.
  • Demonstrable inpatient experience and credible letters of recommendation from an ACGME accredited teaching hospital. Observerships and research do not meet this requirement.
  • Applicants must speak and write fluent English. Other language skills are an asset.
  • Graduation from medical school ideally within the past 2 years.
  • Providence considers J1 Visa or permanent residency only.


  • We will be conducting ALL interviews virtually. We are working hard to design an interview day that will best capture the personal feel of our program so you can discover the best fit learning environment for yourself. (AAMC virtual interview tips for applicants)
  • Interviews begin mid-October and extend through mid-December.
  • Invitations are extended after thorough review of each application.
  • Invitations will be sent after 4pm Pacific Time to avoid disruption of your educational time.
  • Interviews are scheduled on Wednesdays (exclusive of week one) for the Preliminary program, and Thursdays and Fridays for the Categorical program.
  • We use a 3rd party software to manage our interview scheduling.

In-Person Tour

We will be offering opportunities for in-person visits for categorical applicants at the end of our interview calendar. We strongly believe in an equitable and fair interview process and a reduction in unnecessary travel and the negative impact that has on climate change and personal finances. But we also recognize the value of providing our applicants an opportunity to visit and experience the place where they might be working for three foundational years of their career. To make this possible, we will be offering three in-person visits after we have completed and certified our rank order list for the National Residency Match Program. If you decide to attend an in-person visit, it will have NO IMPACT on your position on our rank order list. It is completely optional and will only impact how well you see yourself fitting into the culture of our program.

Our in-person visits will take place on February 2 and February 9 with a tour and opportunity to meet residents. We will have a dinner for applicants and some residents the evening prior. The purpose of these visit days is for you to get a better sense of whether we are the right fit for you before making this important decision and provide us a chance to showcase our program.

Resident Contract

Attached is the most current, approved version of the resident contract*.

*Contract is subject to periodic revisions to reflect changes in salary compensation, hospital policies and procedures, accreditation or regulatory requirements.

Guidelines for Interviews

Our program affords all applicants a courteous, professional experience.

At no point should a program representative ask:

  • Demographic questions (relations/marital status, family planning, religion, etc.)
  • About applicants’ other programs (programs to which the applicant has applied, has ranked, applicants’ geographic area of interest)
  • How an applicant plans to rank our program

We discourage applicants from post-interview communication for the purpose of trying to prove your interest. Post interview communication has no role in how applicants are ranked and is not necessary for us to take your application seriously.

We do encourage applicants to reach out if they have additional questions about the program as choosing a residency is an important decision. This may be especially important this year due to the virtual nature of the interview process.

The Program may send post-interview communication to re-emphasize aspects of our program that might make us a good fit for an applicant. We do not write anything disingenuous, refer to an applicant’s rank position, or ask for commitment.


After matching, applicants must:

  • Undergo a criminal background check and a pre-employment drug screening
  • Submit to a health screening and provide necessary immunization documentation
  • Submit proof of successful medical school graduation
  • Meet requirements to obtain a State of Oregon training license
  • Provide updated USMLE/COMLEX results
  • Sign Graduate Medical Education Training Agreement
  • Attend orientation