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Jeff Youker

Message from the Program Director

Welcome to the Providence St. Vincent Internal Medicine Residency Program. We are excited that you have chosen to look further into our training program through the webpage and hopefully you will have the chance to learn more about what we have to offer by spending a day with us for an interview. We genuinely believe that this is an excellent place for you to train and grow as a physician and to become the best version of yourself so that you can thrive in a meaningful career in the changing field of medicine. An important feature that distinguishes our program is an unwavering culture of support for our residents which is not just something we say but something we truly believe and focus on every day. We provide a resident-centric experience that helps support you as you build upon the skills learned from medical school and progress through a program that features graduated levels of responsibility which help guide you to become an independent and confident physician.

When I started as an intern here in 2010 it did not take long to realize this hospital and program were different and the connections between colleagues were genuine and exemplified the strong supportive and caring environment that has come to define Providence St. Vincent Medical Center. As a small residency program in a large academic urban hospital, we have all the benefits of a major tertiary care referral center with a wide breadth of pathology and excellence in care while also having the intimacy and dedicated close mentorship that is gained by being part of a small residency program. We will get to know you as a clinician and most importantly as a person during your time with us.

We are fortunate to have a skilled and dedicated faculty with a broad range of skills and expertise that spans the wide discipline of Internal Medicine. Our faculty bring a patient-centered approach to the bedside across all care settings and offer a focus on evidence-based medicine in their emphasis on diagnostic reasoning, excellence in patient care and high-quality research through quality improvement projects. Most importantly, our faculty are committed teachers who were drawn to work in our program because of their unique passion for mentoring and teaching the next generation of internal medicine physicians.

At Providence St. Vincent Medical Center, you will work with a broad range of patients from a wide variety of cultural, ethnic, and economic backgrounds. Our program fosters an environment that prioritizes diversity, equity and inclusion which is naturally supported by our location adjacent to Beaverton and Hillsboro, the two most culturally diverse and rapidly growing cities in Oregon. This provides our residents with a unique experience that will prepare them to care for a wide variety of patients in their future careers.

An education from our residency program will help support you in any field of medicine you choose. We are confident that whether your future is in general internal medicine or a subspecialty, your time here will provide that foundational support that will have you well prepared. Regardless of the path you choose, you will have dedicated mentors to help support your journey into the area of medicine where you will thrive.

I look forward to seeing you during the interview process.

Jeff Youker, MD, FACP
Program Director

Message from the Department Chair

Steven D. Freer

Welcome to the Providence St. Vincent Medical Center Internal Medicine Residency Web Page. You will find a wealth of information here about our program, the Providence integrated health system, Portland, and the Pacific Northwest. Residency at Providence St. Vincent’s brings together an exceptional group of physicians within a state of the art facility, all converging around a commitment to medical education and exceptional patient care.

In the many years I've been engaged in graduate medical education, I've often heard it said that "it doesn't matter where you do your residency, you'll be a doctor regardless." While strictly speaking, this is self-evident, it misses an essential point and purpose of residency: this experience will in large measure set the course that defines the kind of doctor you become. This goes much deeper than the specific career path or specialty you chose. Every program has a unique personality. The residency you choose - its standards and its ethos - will have an indelible impact on what it means to you to be a doctor. You will spend one to three formative years in residency. Much of your professional demeanor will be shaped by it, and the people you encounter - your colleagues, your mentors, your patients and their stories - will be with you in some measure for the rest of your life. You will never forget this experience, nor the people with whom you share it. At Providence St. Vincent Medical Center, our program is based fundamentally on mentorship, professionalism, and an abiding commitment to one's patients. You will find the work environment here exceptionally collegial and supportive of your educational goals. You will work with some of the finest internists and specialists in the region, all of whom share a fundamental commitment to an academically rigorous education and to your development as a physician. After completing your residency at Providence St. Vincent, you will have an outstanding clinical foundation for lifelong learning in whatever field of medicine you choose.

Despite the many challenges in health care, it is still a joy and a privilege to be a doctor. At Providence St. Vincent Medical Center, this a core commitment of the residency program. We hope you will consider joining us.

Steven D. Freer, M.D., FACP
Brill Professor and Chair, Department of Medicine