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Prelim Graduates

"My time at PSVMC was simply unforgettable. As a prelim resident, you always wonder if programs will invest time and effort in your career since you will only be there for one year. During my year at PSVMC, I felt nothing but love, support, and encouragement from the clinical faculty, co-residents, and administrative staff. The best example I can think of is when I was applying for step 3 USMLE, all I had to do was put down my signature on a piece of paper because Heidi (Gonzalez) had already filled out all the paperwork and she was already a qualified notary! It is the little things that make a big difference in a resident's quality of life and the people in this program do everything in their power to help residents get the most out of their experience. If I had to go back, I would choose this program over again, because at its core, the faculty and residents in this program are some of the kindest, brightest, and genuine people I have ever met!"

Alireza Abadi, MD Class of 2019 | Diagnostic Radiology, University of Washington


"I was blown away by the medical community at PSVMC. The PSVMC faculty care deeply about each resident’s professional development and wellbeing - preliminary interns included. The program at PSVMC will guide you through your transformation from medical student to physician while being manageable, rewarding, and fun.

St. Vincent’s prepared me extremely well for a career in medical dermatology. As a dermatology prelim, I was happily assigned to care for patients with rare conditions such as acute generalized exanthematous pustulosis (AGEP), disseminated Cryptococcus, and hypocomplementemic urticarial vasculitis (HUV) – many of which I have not yet seen again in derm residency. Above and beyond developing a strong foundation in medical knowledge, I graduated confident in my ability to be a thoughtful, reliable, and compassionate team member – critical skills no matter your specialty. I approached my prelim year expecting to learn some medical and procedural skills to help me through derm residency and graduated a better human being. I am truly grateful for my time at PSVMC and highly recommend that, no matter where you plan to be for residency or beyond, you consider PSVMC for your intern year."

Amy Hopkins, MD Class of 2018 | Dermatology, OHSU, Portland Oregon


“I remember my interview day at St. Vincent's standing out by far. The camaraderie, support and happiness among faculty and residents was palpable. I just knew that it was my first choice for my preliminary year from that day forward and my decision did not disappoint!

Everything I felt on that interview day was absolutely true! I have the most amazing memories of that year. I learned a ton from both the faculty and my peers and made lasting friendships! Prelim year interns were fully incorporated into the program, and I really appreciated not getting treated differently just because I would only be spending a year there. Faculty were just as invested in my learning and clinical development. I made strides as a clinician in that year that helped me to become a better dermatologist in the long run. When I moved on to my residency program, I missed St. V's and the amazing team and family I had while I was there!”

Christa Slaught, MD Class of 2017 | Dermatology, OHSU, Portland Oregon

Recent Prelim Destinations

2022– 2023

  • Montefiore/Einstein New York - Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
  • John's Hopkins - Diagnostic Radiology
  • OHSU - Dermatology
  • Boston University - Anesthesiology

2021– 2022

  • OHSU - Dermatology
  • Mayo Clinic - Anesthesiology
  • OHSU - Ophthalmology
  • OHSU - Radiology

2020– 2021

  • OHSU - Dermatology
  • Stanford University - Anesthesiology
  • OHSU - Ophthalmology
  • OHSU - Diagnostic Radiology

2019 – 2020

  • Mayo Clinic - Dermatology
  • Mayo Clinic - Diagnostic Radiology
  • UCLA - Radiation Oncology
  • OHSU - Dermatology

2018 – 2019

  • Creighton University - Dermatology
  • Johns Hopkins University - Anesthesia
  • University of Washington - Diagnostic Radiology

2017 – 2018

  • University of California, San Francisco - Anesthesia
  • OHSU - Dermatology

2016 – 2017

  • Northwestern University - Radiation Oncology
  • OHSU - Ophthalmology
  • OHSU - Ophthalmology

2015 – 2016

  • University of California, San Francisco - Anesthesia
  • Ohio State - Ophthalmology
  • University of California, Davis - Radiation Oncology