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Message from the Program Director


At Providence Portland Medical Center, resident education is our primary directive. Each faculty and resident gets to play an active role in the continuous molding and improvement of all aspects of our residency curriculum. The relentless thirst for knowledge and a high intellectual curiosity are some of the core values of our program. Our residents and faculty love to learn about medicine, our patients, our systems, and about each other. We pride ourselves in preparing our residents to tackle the variety of challenges and careers that face them as they move forward into their future. There are so many paths that one can take in medicine, and being a doctor can be more complicated now than ever before. Our philosophy is to train our residents to be well-rounded physicians with the confidence and competence to enter a career that will give them satisfaction and fulfillment, whether it be in the outpatient setting, inpatient setting, or a subspecialty field. We value residents that can see the big picture and treat the whole person. One of the things that I really love about our program is that as a faculty, we get to work closely with each resident longitudinally over their time with us, and have a significant impact in their growth and education. Thank you so much for being curious and learning more about our program. We look forward to seeing you at Providence Portland.

Mari Kai, M.D.
Residency Program Director

Scott Marsal

Residents in our program experience a dedication to education among our faculty and medical staff that is truly exceptional. Residents and faculty partner to continue a longstanding tradition of scholarly activity and contributions. Indeed, whether working with our core faculty or our many subspecialty faculty, you will find a pervasive orientation to inquiry and academic rigor. Categorical and preliminary year residents alike can be assured of an environment of close collaboration and support. Indeed, we believe these ingredients are essential to optimal individualized growth and the development of extraordinary physicians. We hope your exploration of these pages and our program provides a clear sense of our deep commitment to developing outstanding physicians. There is much to explore about our program! Thank you for your interest in our program here at Providence Portland and please do be in touch with questions.

Scott W. Marsal, MD, MSc, FACP
Garnjobst Chair, Department of Medical Education
Chief Medical Officer, Providence Portland Medical Center