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Resident Wellness

We recognize that residency training is a busy and stressful time and burnout continues to be a large problem for physicians. Our program has responded by creating an innovative resilience curriculum which includes diverse opportunities to foster personal wellness while helping residents identify and address systemic and cultural contributors to burnout.

The health of our residents is the top priority at our residency program!

  • We have created a mandatory resilience curriculum which includes a “resilience week” for all second year residents in addition to noon conferences throughout the year that are dedicated to a resilience topic. The goal of this curriculum is to foster support among faculty and residents while learning resilience skills to enrich and sustain a professional career in medicine.
  • A resiliency elective has been created to delve deeper into ways to stay well as a practicing physician, exploring meditation, writing, and different ways to process the challenging experiences we all have as doctors.
  • Relationships with other residents are fostered in Resident Group.
  • The Annual Remembrance session to remember and appreciate the patients we have cared for that have passed within the last year.
  • Schwartz Rounds are held every other month to allow disciplines throughout the hospital the opportunity to have honest discussions about the emotional impacts of providing care to patients.
  • Critical Incident noon conferences are held every other month where residents have a chance to explore meaning in medicine through discussion of a patient that has impacted them.
  • Personal time to stay well is encouraged though health maintenance half-days where you can make time to see your own physician, dentist or counselor.
  • Career development is a robust program designed to assist you with determining your course after residency, be it fellowship, primary care, hospitalist medicine, or a host of other opportunities that now exist for those trained in internal medicine.
  • Educational days off to support residents in attending conferences to present your own work or learn about an area of interest.