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Faculty Scholarly Activities

Our focus is on scholarly activity that has clinical impact or improves the system of care that patients and our caregivers work in. Quality improvement and implementation science are program areas of excellence. Here are some of our latest projects and participation.


Content and complexity of consultations in a provider-to-provider perinatal psychiatry consultation line: A mixed methods analysis. - Amritha Bhat, Farah Khan, Mariyam Shaikh, Natalie Franz, Alicia Kerlee, Jamie Adachi, Carmen Croicu, Kelly Wurzel, Deborah Cowley. ScienceDirect: October 12, 2022

Macaluso, Houston, Kinzie, Cowley. How to Manage a Psychiatry Residency Program Book chapter editing: Starting a new residency programTanya Keeble, Areef Kassam, Ann Cunningham, Bill Sanders

Denise Chang, MD, Tanya Keeble, MD. Innovations Applying What You Learn into Practice. Washington State Virtual Integrated Care Conference: Leveraging Integrated Care to Address Health Equity. 05/06-07, 2022

Rashi Aggarwal MD, Deb Cowley MD, Tanya Keeble MD, Jed Magen DO, Kari Wolf MD. Struggling with Faculty Recruitment and Retention? Let Us Help You! Sponsored by AADPRT workforce taskforce and Chairs Committee. AADPRT Annual Meeting – Virtual, 03/2022

Ann Cunningham DO, Areef Kassam MD, Tanya Keeble MD, Rebecca Lundquist MD, Lindsey Pershern MD. Starting a New Program - A Practical Toolkit. Sponsored by AADPRT

workforce taskforce. AADPRT Annual Meeting – Virtual, 03/2022

Workshop Presenter - Kim-Lan Tran Czelusta MD, Vishal Madaan MD, Ann Cunningham DO, Tanya Keeble MD, Rick Carlson MD.Residents with Difficulties: When Accommodation and Performance Collide. AADPRT Annual Meeting – Virtual, 03/2022"

Motivational Interviewing: Curriculum and Assessment in a Time Requiring Epic Behavior Change. American Association of Directors of Psychiatric Residency Training-Virtual. Amy Burns MD; Erik Loraas MD 3/12/22

Motivational Interviewing in Physician Education. IFIOC podcast guest: Amy Burns, MD. Podcast hosted on apple podcasts 4/11/22 recorded

Providence Foundation Grant recipient for Contingency Management treatment for Methamphetamine Use Disorder. Amy Burns, MD. 2021.

A Case of Potential Pharmacokinetic Kratom-drug Interactions Resulting in Toxicity and Subsequent Treatment of Kratom Use Disorder with Buprenorphine/NaloxoneBrogdon, Hazel D. MD; McPhee, Mackenzie M. OMS4; Paine, Mary F. RPh, PhD; Cox, Emily J. PhD; Burns, Amy G. MD Journal of Addiction Medicine: February 14, 2022


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Chair, American Association for Directors of Psychiatry Residency Training (AADPRT) Workforce Committee Tanya Keeble MD

American Association for Directors of Psychiatry Residency Training (AADPRT) Region 7 Representative to the Executive Council Tanya Keeble MD

American Association for Directors of Psychiatry Residency Training (AADPRT) Region 7 Ginsberg award selection committee member Tanya Keeble MD

Washington State representative to the American Psychiatric Association (APA) Assembly Jane Phelps-Tschang MD

Member of Reference Committee to Education and Lifelong Learning (RefCom#3) for the APA AssemblyJane Phelps-Tschang MD

Member of Washington State Psychiatric Association Executive Council Jane Phelps-Tschang MD

Washington Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Board of Trustees Member (2022- ) Erik Loraas MD


PMID 34864786 - Hazel Brogdon, Kaden L Facer, Emily J Cox, Richard H Carlson Jr, John F Wurzel 3rd - Rapid Transition to Buprenorphine in a Patient With Methadone-Related QTc Interval Prolongation, J Addict Med, 2021


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Sara Parent, ND; Mick McDonnell, PhD; Casey Collins, MD and Amy Burns, MD workshop on "Implementing Contingency Management in the Clinic Setting" at 2021 American Association of Addiction Psychiatrists Annual Meeting and Scientific Symposium

Tanya Keeble, MD, Rashi Aggarwal, MD, Rijul Asri, Aleander Mozeika, and Chun Tong accepted for publication of article "From Citation to Commendation: Resident Scholarly Activity" to Academic Psychiatry Journal.

American Psychiatric Association Region 7 Representative: Jane Phelps Tschang, MD

Reference Committee Member for Education and Lifelong Learning for American Psychiatric Association Assembly: Jane Phelps Tschang MD

AACAP Psychopharmacology Committee Member: Jane Phelps Tschang, MD

AACAP Inpatient/Partial/Residential Committee Member: Jane Phelps Tschang, MD

Washington State Psychiatric Association Past President: Erik Loraas, MD

Amy Burns MD was awarded a 2021 Community Investment Partnership Award of $13,000 for a Contingency Management Treatment Program for Methamphetamine use disorder

American Association of Directors of Psychiatric Residency Training 2021 workshop: "Struggling with faculty recruitment and retention? Let us help you!" Tanya Keeble MD, Deb Cowley MD and Bill Sanders DO.