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Motivational Interviewing Training

Training in Motivational Interviewing is a strength of our program. Residents are introduced to the principles of the therapy in didactics and quickly move towards coached practice with the aid of coding. They are expected to provide approximately 8 tapes for coding during residency. The coding of their tape provides specific feedback to support their practice in providing high fidelity Motivational Interviewing to patients. The curriculum has evidence for increasing MI skill acquisition. During the core addiction rotation, residents receive additional coaching as they generalize their skills to patient care. An elective in Motivational Interviewing is available in the fourth year.

Supportive Psychotherapy

Formal psychotherapy training begins in PGY2, starting with the fundamentals of supportive therapy, teaching common factors psychotherapy, in a weekly three month long seminar July-September of each year. Pre and post seminar tests assess knowledge development. Seminar content is paired with formulation skill development, and aligned with clinical experience in psychotherapy clinic at the STHC. Each resident receives a community mentor, who supports supportive therapy knowledge, skill and attitudinal acquisition through video recorded material, and process notes. Residents are required to complete both a short term and long term supportive therapy treatment course during residency.

Psychodynamic Theory Primer

New for AY 21-22 is a weekly three month long seminar which runs October-December. It was developed to provide foundational knowledge across the main psychodynamic schools before starting ISTDP seminar in PGY3.


Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy are taught in a weekly PGY2 seminar in the second half of the academic year. Concurrent with the seminar, residents pivot towards providing CBT in the clinical setting, and continue to receive both on site core faculty supervision at the STHC, as well as weekly community mentorship. Residents are required to submit CBT worksheets and complete a CBT formulation in this seminar.

Intensive Short Term Dynamic Psychotherapy

This has long been a highlight of our training program, with significant expertise in this particular modality of therapy held by several faculty members. Residents complete a required yearlong weekly ISTDP/Davanloo seminar, taught by Cliff Green, MD, one of Davanloo’s students. They receive didactic instruction, watch videotaped sessions, and receive dedicated ISTDP supervision with a supervisor who has been trained in ISTDP. Residents can complete a second year of the seminar in PGY4 as an elective.

Personal Psychotherapy Requirement

Psychiatry Residency Spokane believes that experience in psychotherapy is essential in becoming a good psychiatrist. Residents have an opportunity to receive personal ISTDP psychotherapy, provided by Duane Green, PhD, in the type of therapy they will be learning and providing to patients in their senior years of training. Residents says that this is one of the most helpful experiences, in consolidating the ISTDP curriculum.


We offer a range of psychotherapy electives to include Group Psychotherapy, Dialectical Behavior Therapy Seminar through the University of Washington, Family Therapy, Advanced Motivational Interviewing, CBT for psychosis.