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PRS Diversity Inclusion and Equity


Psychiatry Residency Spokane fully supports the American psychiatric Association Position Statement on Diversity and Inclusion in the Physician Workforce. Our program is developing clinical programs and systems by which we can recruit and retain a diverse and inclusive workforce, to include residents, faculty and staff.


Holistic Review

We intentionally select people who demonstrate significant distance travelled, are from under represented minorities in medicine, are first generation college students, come from rural, underserved areas or countries, and who have faced adversity. Our review is mission based and heavily weighted toward life experiences including volunteerism and demonstrated interest in working with vulnerable populations.

Data Collection and Tracking

We know that we can't know whether our strategies are successful without first collecting baseline data, so that is where we started in 2019. For the past few years we have been collecting data about the demographics of our residents, staff and faculty, and tracking improvement in diversity over time.


Like many programs across the country, we are in the early stages of identifying system based solutions to addressing issues of retention of physicians from diverse backgrounds. We encourage you to ask current residents and faculty about their experiences working both in the program, and for Providence as the larger hospital sponsoring institution.

Current DEI Culture – what do our residents say?


DEI Didactic thread that includes the following topics:

  • Intro and Advanced Social Determinants of Mental Health
  • LGBTQ+ 101
  • Rural Health Disparities
  • Native American Health Disparities
  • Historical trauma experienced by Alaska Native and American Indian People
  • Black Lives Matter
  • Witnessing Modern America: Violence and Racial Trauma- National Neurosciences Curriculum- Clinical Commentary
  • Implicit Bias
  • Cultural Psychiatry Series- R3/R4’s

Cultural Bound Syndromes

  • Dedicated 2 weeks PGY2 Systems of Medicine rotation that includes threads on health disparities and diversity, equity and inclusion.
  • Rotation experience with the rural underserved in Steven’s county via Telepsychiatry.
  • Collaborative care psychiatry longitudinal rotation, developed as a population based model to leverage psychiatric treatment to those who need it the most.


Graduate Medical Education

Providence and STHC GME includes a new Diversity Equity and Inclusion subcommittee, of which Dr Keeble is co-chair. Representation includes residents from every GME program. To increase collaboration between the institution and the GME programs, there is bidirectional representation of members who sit on both the GME DEI subcommittee and the Providence DEI committee.

Providence Representatives:

  • Christina Banda
  • Cindy Fitzgerald

Resident Representatives:

  • Psychiatry – Cedar Neary, Danny Yang
  • IMRS – Tyson Vanderhey
  • FMRS – Mara Heseltine
  • TY – J Rick Lu, Ismail Khan, Elizabeth Fairless, Rebecca Driessen

Faculty Representatives:

  • Psychiatry - Tanya Keeble, Jane Phelps -Tschang, Sam Murray
  • IMRS - Jessica Lundgren, Carmen McDermott
  • FMRS – Stuti Nagpal, Robert Maurer
  • Radiology -Justin Frederick

Caregiver Resource Groups WAMT Region

  • GME DEI Subcommittee- New caregiver resource group
  • Professional Development
  • Women Caregiver Resource Group
  • Women at Digital Innovation
  • Diversity, equity and inclusion eBooks - Free to all caregivers

Providence Health Diversity, Equity, Inclusion Committee Charter 2021-2022