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Cody Fritts, MD

Cody FrittsHometown: Albuquerque, NM
Medical School: University of New Mexico

Dr. Cody Fritts was born in Albuquerque, New Mexico to a geologist and a hospice nurse. He studied philosophy with an emphasis on ethics at University of Washington. He spent several years serving in the AmeriCorps and Teach for America prior to attending medical school at University of New Mexico. He pursued residency in Spokane because of the enthusiastic faculty and access to the high-need patient population served by Sacred Heart Medical Center. His professional interests include emergency psychiatry, involuntary commitment and care for the underserved. He is an eager participant in anything outside but especially enjoys backpacking in the summer and snowboarding in the winter.

Jennifer Gaston, DO

Jennifer GastonHometown: Sacramento, CA
Medical School: Kansas City University

I was born and raised in Sacramento, CA. I started my undergraduate education at UC Santa Cruz. Santa Cruz is a beautiful place to live but ultimately I found the school to be too big and bureaucratic and decided to transfer to a smaller private school. I completed my degree in psychology and chemistry at American University in Washington, DC and loved every minute of it. I attended medical school 5 years later at Kansas City University in Kansas City, MO. In the interim I worked as a research intern at Imperial College London, traveled around Europe and then came back to California to do research at UC Davis. I also spent a year as a caregiver for my grandmother who was suffering from advancing dementia. While I was applying to medical school I worked in a luxury dog hotel where I got an education in dogs and the people that love them. I personally have a 7 year old American Bulldog named Fiona that I love dearly. Like many people I love food. I like going out to different restaurants around Spokane and I love to cook – had I not become a doctor I would have gone to culinary school. I also love to be outdoors, hiking, swimming, etc. Recently I have been scootering around downtown, which I’ve found is a great way to explore the city. As of now my psychiatry interests are in addictions, eating disorders, and mood disorders. I tend to like outpatient, partial hospitalization, residential, and intensive outpatient settings but I also have an interest in emergency psychiatry.

Sam Holley, DO

Sam HolleyHometown: Fort Collins, CO
Medical School: Rocky Vista University

Sam was born in Colorado but raised in the rural town of Fillmore, Utah. Sam spent most of his teenage years playing night games, juggling, and doing magic tricks for special events and birthday parties. As if that wasn’t nerdy enough, Sam was extensively involved in a Shakespearean acting company in which he found a lot of enjoyment acting in, and learning about the great works of the Bard himself. Sam went on to study neuroscience at Brigham Young University during which he got married, became a father, and began juggling more than he ever had before. He attended medical school at Rocky Vista University in Parker, Colorado. His interests within psychiatry include consults, child and adolescents, as well as systems that increase access to rural areas, including integrated psychiatry and tele-psychiatry. In his free time, Sam enjoys getting outdoors on a hike or walk, watching college football, attending the theater and spending time with his wife and two kids.

James Miller, DO

James MillerHometown: Palo Alto, CA
Medical School: Des Moines University

James was born in California and grew up surfing and hiking north of San Francisco. He went to Naropa University in Boulder, Colorado for undergraduate where he studied Eastern Philosophy, natural medicine, psychology, and downhill skiing. He then saved up (barely) enough money to travel the country by bicycle for several months, pedaling from Boulder, CO, over the Rockies, around Seattle, and finally home to San Francisco. Having had enough fun, he decided to pursue medical school, against the advice of his parents (both doctors). Meanwhile, he worked for Local Futures, a non-profit organization with an office in the San Francisco Bay Area with a mission to foster the growth of local economies and communities, and lived in a co-housing community where he gardened and raised chickens. He then completed a Master’s Degree in physiology with focus in complementary and alternative medicine at Georgetown University in Washington, DC, and commuted by bicycle year-round. He attended medical school at Des Moines University in Iowa, the nation’s second-oldest College of Osteopathic Medicine. James is excited to be in Spokane, close to outdoor opportunities and his family who now also live in Washington. He is passionate about integrative medicine, health disparities, and bicycling. He dreams of one day providing integrative psychiatric care to underserved populations in the Pacific Northwest, and of buying more bicycles.

Casey Collins, MD

Casey CollinsHometown: Cashmere, WA
Medical School: University of Washington, Spokane WWAMI

I was born in Lynden, WA but moved to Cashmere, WA when I was in high school and consider it my home. Spokane is my current home and, even though Spokane has a fairly large population, it feels like a small community. It is a great place for families! In my free time I play with my daughter and spend time with my wife. I enjoy photography and ukulele (I am very much a beginner at both), reading and everything sports-related.

I have volunteered in the past at the Union Gospel Mission and House of Charity in Spokane and this fostered my passion for helping underserved and vulnerable patients. I chose to work in medicine because I enjoy learning about all topics related to medicine, working directly with people, and the powerful positive influence that a physician can have on their patients and in the community they live.

Previously I worked as a researcher in a gene therapy lab between undergrad and medical school. Once I completed medical school I completed my first year of residency in family medicine because I had a wide variety of interest and enjoyed seeing patients in a clinic setting. After a brief experience with STHC collaborative care and taking care of the psychiatric needs of my own patients, I re-discovered my interest in psychiatry. Within a few months, I realized I wanted to specialize in psychiatry where I felt most rewarded and happy. The faculty here are so amazing and welcomed me as a second-year transfer into the program.

My psychiatry interests are in general outpatient psychiatry, substance abuse treatment, and mental healthcare in rural communities. I hope to practice outpatient psychiatry in Eastern Washington.