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Point of Care Ultrasound Curriculum

For the past 2 years the faculty and residents have undertaken an expansive Point of Care Ultrasound Curriculum. We currently expect all residents to enroll in our in house POCUS fellowship that combine monthly supported scanning session with local faculty and online content through the Global Ultrasound Institute. We currently have 3 Butterfly units and dedicated screens that residents can use longitudinally in clinic, the hospital and nursing home setting as well as international experiences.

Below is a list of our monthly topics and systems,

Month – Topic – Faculty Facilitator(s)

January: FAST Exams –David Benziger and Gobbo

February – Introduction to POCUS – Ultrasound Basics – Gobbo and Douglas

March – Pulmonary Exams –Acosta and Gobbo

April – Gallbladder - Fauth and Speck

May - Cardiac Exams I –Gobbo and Pantely

June - Cardiac Exams II –Gobbo and Pantely

July and August – Break

September – Renal – Parker and Douglas

October – DVT – Acosta and Douglas

November – MSK 1 – Speck and Douglas

December – MSK II – Acosta and Parker

January – Skin and Soft Tissue – Acosta and Fauth

February – Procedures – Gobbo and Douglas

March Ob 1st Trimester – Fauth and Parker

April Ob 2nd and 3rd Trimester – Fauth and Acosta

May- Wrap Up and Questions – Gobbo and Douglas

We are also developing a "one pagers" syllabus as a quick reference guide to help become more comfortable with scanning and are in the process of developing an on-line data bank and storage quality program to track competency with each system.

Examples of these 1-2 Pages are included in the clicks below and links to the GUSI website

Click the links or pdf images below to view our Pocus One Pagers

Pediatric Pocus US Template Quick Sheet.pdf

Lung US Quick Sheet.pdf

Gallbladder one pager.pdf

Cardiac POCUS gw.bgimages.pdf

FAST Exam Pocus US Quick Sheet.pdf