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Current Residents

Class of 2021

Laura-Marie BrownLaura-Marie Brown, MD, New York Medical College

Laura is a native of Montana and earned a bachelor’s degree in biology at the University of Santa Clara. She has taken the initiative to earn a master’s in public health during medical school as well.

Laura has been interested in rural family medicine since a young age and was mentored by family practitioners in rural Montana. She comes from a family of musicians and has been playing the harp since age 10. Some of her earliest exposures to health care were from playing harp at a nearby hospital or the hospice center—over the years, she’s taken that talent and continued to play the harp since in orchestras and ensembles!

In her free time, Laura also enjoys hiking and baking, and, after being in New York, she’s excited to be in a place big enough to have a dog! Besides being fluent musically, Laura also speaks Spanish. Her career goal is to practice full spectrum family medicine in a rural community.

EnriqueRiddleEnrique Riddle, MD, Tulane University

Enrique is a native of Texas and New Mexico. He earned his bachelor’s degree at Mississippi College in Medical Sciences, where he was also awarded his school’s Gold Humanism Award.

Enrique comes from a strong physician pedigree. When he was a boy growing up near the border of Texas and Mexico, his family told him stories of his physician grandfather who rode a horse and carriage throughout rural northern Mexico, treating the poor and underserved of their communities.

Enrique is also a musician and has been playing classical guitar since age 16. He even has performed on the streets of New Orleans in the French Quarter raising funds to support charitable foundations.

We were impressed with his sincerity and connection to his heritage. He is a native Spanish speaker and desires to become a rural family medical provider.

Class of 2022

MadelineBierleMadeline Bierle, MD, University of New Mexico

Madeline graduated from the University of New Mexico and received her undergraduate degree there, too. She grew up in rural southern New Mexico, learned Spanish during time spent in both Mexico and Guatemala and was in the Somos Hermanos program in Xela, Guatemala.

She impressed us with her humility, compassion and aptitude! A former attending wrote: “Madeline is extraordinary at being attentive to patients with complex medical diagnosis coupled with difficult social problems.”

She enjoys hiking, camping and river rafting and is already a passionate Portland Timbers Fan, too!

BenCoffeyBenjamin Coffey, MD, University of Washington

Ben graduated medical school from the University of Washington, and was a rural scholar in WWAMI/Idaho program. His undergrad degree is from the University of Puget Sound but also studied in Granada, Spain. Ben grew up in Mt Vernon, Washington.

Before medical school he was a math teacher in the Navajo nation, which helped developed his understanding of social determinants of health. His letters of recommendation were replete with praise of his keen clinical skills and compassionate nature.

He describes himself as a “very amateur banjo, fiddle and guitar player” and enjoys running, backpacking, skiing and is the proud owner of a rescue dog named Xavi.

Class of 2023

Jessica Worrell Jessica Worrell, MD, University of Oklahoma

Jessica is an accomplished and talented 1st year resident from Oklahoma. She grew up rural on a ranch where she learned to be independent and resilient. She impressed us with her strength of character, sense of humor, and desire to become a full spectrum family physician and serve a rural population. In her personal statement she wrote: “I want to be more than just a healer, I aspire to be educational, inclusive, humane, and dedicated to the health and safety of my patient no matter their status or background”. Her non-medical interests include: Jazz, piano, poetry, kickboxing, backpacking, nature and wildlife, rock-climbing, cross-country and hanging with her dog Opal. She is so very excited to be moving to the Pacific Northwest and become an Oregonian.

Fernando PolancoFernando Polanco, MD, St. George University

Fernando is a bright and amazing 1st year resident who was born in Guatemala then moved to Canada in 1989 at the height of the Guatemalan Civil war. He was raised in a rural town in northern British Columbia. Shaped by his own experiences growing up, he became passionate about integrating social justice with health sciences. He has extensive experience in Indigenous health research, worked as a health policy with marginalized populations and worked in harm reduction/needle exchange prior to starting medical school. He wrote in his personal statement: “I believe that family medicine has a unique ability to foster relationships both at an individual and community level”. He enjoys coaching and playing soccer, surfing, backcountry snowboarding, playing classical guitar, and speaks both Spanish and French.