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Residents and Chaplain and Victim Anna Gangnon at Winter Wilderness Workshop Feb 2023Didactics

The Hood River Rural Residency has a very well developed didactic and scholarly set of offerings for our residents, faculty and community physicians. The sessions are in Hood River and have pivoted to small groups to maintain social distancing during Covid and virtual platforms such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams. The enthusiasm for teaching and learning has not been dampened by the pandemic and we are fortunate that our residents and local physicians contribute to each other’s education. We have several weekly teaching sessions that are complemented by an independent study resource and modules.

The Didactic and Educational seminars held in both Hood River are organized weekly in the following format:

  1. “Monday 12:30 pm sessions” – weekly lunchtime interactive patient centered and case-based discussions with our primary care and specialty colleagues. These rotate each week and include Surgery, Obstetrics, Perinatal, Cardiology, Behavioral Health and Psychiatry, Orthopedics, Rheumatology, and Adventures in Primary Care, to name a few. During the Covid-19 pandemic these remained well attended but were presented using video conferencing with Microsoft Teams. Currently these sessions are mostly presented in person and we commonly utilize materials from the Society of Teachers of Family Medicine Curriculum Resource, ECHO and AAFP Curriculums and contributions from our community faculty.

    Geriatricians Laura Perry Suvi Neukam teaching Monday sessions.

  2. “Rotating Tuesday’s” lunch time conferences rotate weekly through a carousel of Hospital Based CME and Case Presentation, Ethics Case Conferences, Behavioral Health Collaborative Patient Care Conferences with our Mental Health Agency Center for Living, Community Advocacy Collaborative with our Health and Active Hood River County Coalition, Hospital Medical Staff Meetings.
  3. Point of Care Ultrasound Select Faculty and our 3rd year residents have just completed a yearlong Point of Care Ultrasound Fellowship through the Global Ultrasound Institute. We will be extending this curriculum to new residents and faculty utilizing the GUSI materials and local experts. Our residency and community health center have purchased 4 Butterfly devices that we are utilizing now in the clinical setting.

  1. Wednesday Afternoons: The second and 4th Wednesday afternoons are blocked for resident education, wellness and advising sessions.
  • 2nd Wednesdays of the month feature two different Procedure or Case Based Learning Modules followed by an early evening journal club. We typically rotate through a series of hands-on procedural training workshops in the following areas: Obstetrical Procedures (Vacuum, management of Shoulder dystocia, postpartum hemorrhage, and cesarean deliveries), Dermatology Procedures and Dermoscopy, Colposcopy, Contraception and LARC placement, Office Gynecology Procedures, Musculoskeletal Techniques (joint injections, casting), Ultrasounds (Obstetric and POCUS), Wilderness Medicine and transport. Case based learning usually rotates through seminars that are resident driven in subjects from Congestive Heart Failure to Liver Disease and Well Child exams and Integrative medicine. Pictured below are scenes from workshops on Winter Wilderness Medicine Workshop, OMT, Colposcopy, Cesarean Complications and Orthopedic exams.

  1. ​​

  • 4th Wednesdays are set aside for Research and Continuous Quality Improvement, Resident Advising, Program Director Office Hours, Practice Management curriculum and Resident Wellness activities. This academic year our chief residents have planned a variety of interesting and innovative activities from mindfulness training and yoga to horseback riding, hiking, rafting, snow shoeing and bouldering to name a few.
  • 5th Wednesdays curriculum - Each 5th Wednesday our rural program joins with our urban partner Providence Milwaukie for combined workshops utilizing both high and low fidelity simulation experiences. Residents practice their skills in a simulation lab and even outdoors. This past year we have had session on Obstetrical Emergencies, ACLS and Neonatal Codes as well as our Wilderness Medicine workshops on Elk Rock Island on the Willamette River (pictured below).

4. Thursday 1 pm conferences at One Community Health are sessions that are interdisciplinary and promote teamwork and improving our knowledge base and workflow. Residents, Faculty, Nurses, Dentists and staff members participate and teach during these sessions where lunch is provided. These sessions are currently being presented on Microsoft Teams or in person at One Community Health. We always have a joint Resident and Faculty Meeting on the 4th Thursday on each month in this time slot.

Other photos from our Simulation Workshops and Trainings:

Residents doing Wildness Medicine simulation on Elk Rock Island

Residents practicing a maternal code, which leads to a peri-mortem caesarean in our simulation lab.