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Meet Our Residents

Current Class

Savannah Owen, PharmD

Hometown: Rogersville, AL

College of Pharmacy: Auburn University Harrison College of Pharmacy (Auburn, AL)

PGY1: South College School of Pharmacy/Trinity Medical Associates (Knoxville, TN)

Clinical areas of interest: Providing chronic disease state management for underserved populations, diabetes management

Year Long Project: Standardization of Pharmacist Training and Peer Validation

Business Plan: Expansion of Pharmacist-Led Tobacco Cessation Services

Favorite hobbies: Playing piano, hiking, and exploring the Pacific Northwest.

Exploring Washington: I’m excited to get the opportunity to visit Olympic National Park, visit Mount Rainier, and explore the beauty of Washington.

Why I chose Providence: I love the amount of interprofessional collaboration that occurs, and how well everyone works together to make patient care the best that it can be.

Dena Thach, PharmD

Hometown: Carrollton, TX

College of Pharmacy: University of Houston College of Pharmacy

PGY1: Harris Health System, Houston, TX

Clinical areas of interest: Cardiology and endocrinology

Year Long Project: Increasing Patient Access to Continuous Glucose Monitoring

Business Plan: Integration of an Ambulatory Care Pharmacist in a Primary Care Clinic

Favorite hobbies: Binging food competition shows, listening to true crime podcasts, and meticulously researching new restaurants to eat at.

Exploring Washington: I’m so ecstatic to be surrounded by so much nature and be able to visit Mount Ranier and Olympic National Park, but also be so close to places like Seattle and Portland!

Why I chose Providence: I knew Providence St. Peter Family Medicine was a perfect fit for me from my initial meeting with the team. The diversity of the experiences offered, the rapport and collaboration within the interdisciplinary team, and the opportunities to grow and practice in a pharmacy-forward environment are just a few of the reasons that make the program amazing!


Yhazmyne Hawkins, PharmD (class of 2023)

Hometown: Longview, TX

College of Pharmacy: University of Tennessee Health Science Center College of Pharmacy

PGY1: Regional One Health, Memphis, TN

Clinical areas of interest: Hep C, Primary Care, Transitions of Care

Project: Hep C integration into PMG Clinics

Favorite hobbies: Knitting, hiking, camping, cycling

Exploring Washington: I love how Mount Rainier is visible from almost every part of town! I loved being able to hike and explore it as well as other nearby national parks as well!

Why I chose Providence: From the moment I was introduced to the Providence Amb Care team I felt such an immense sense of family and encouragement for the residents as well as an urge towards growth and innovation for services. Every member of the team wants to see the best for their team members, their patients, and their community. I knew that I could really make a difference in Olympia as a provider at Providence!

Katie Pearce, PharmD, CTTS (class of 2023)

Hometown: Lancaster, Ohio

College of Pharmacy: Ohio Northern University Raabe College of Pharmacy

PGY1: West Virginia University School of Pharmacy/Kroger Health

Clinical areas of interest: I’m particularly drawn to underserved populations (including rural health and gender-affirming care), treatment of mood disorders, polypharmacy, and chronic disease state management

Favorite hobbies: Reading, listening to true crime podcasts, crafting, playing piano

Exploring Washington: I’m excited to explore the local trails, try out as many coffee shops as possible, and peruse the Olympia Farmers Market!

Why I chose Providence: I was immediately drawn to the Providence St. Peter Family Medicine Residency Program because of its unparalleled opportunities: complete integration with medical residents and preceptors, interdisciplinary collaboration, supportive and knowledgeable colleagues, pharmacists’ advanced scope, and the ability to care for folks from underserved communities.