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Leadership and Practice Management

The goal of these learning experiences is to provide residents with the skills for proposal preparation, problem solving, design and implementation of clinical services, as well as clinic leadership. Residents are exposed to practice management with learning outcomes related to billing for pharmacy services, financial assessment, legal aspects of clinical pharmacy, and clinic operations.


The leadership learning experience is a comprehensive opportunity to build knowledge and skills related to project management, inter- and intradisciplinary communication, and key administrative tenets of practice. In this experience, the resident will work toward identifying and refining their personal leadership style. Residents participate in discussions of leadership topics at least 12 times a year.

Service Development

Residents assess the feasibility of a proposed service through creation of a business plan. The evaluation of the clinical or administrative question is presented to stakeholders for determination of implementation in future years.

Service Enhancement

Residents lead implementation of a new service or optimization of an existing service with a focus on sustainability. The project may be either clinical or administrative in focus but must enhance the delivery of patient care services throughout the region.

Population Health

Targeted implementation of an initiative for global health management of populations and/or groups of patients not otherwise directly managed by pharmacists. The project focuses on a specific quality initiative and includes development and/or implementation of a plan for ongoing patient identification, meaningful patient interventions, and reporting of outcomes.

Service Standardization

Residents actively participate in Providence Medical Group pharmacists' monthly meeting to standardize and optimize pharmacy services within the region. Residents are expected to continually identify and manage appropriate initiatives to improve quality of care in their clinic.