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Meet Past Residents

Class of 2020-2021

Residents learned resilience and adapted quickly to completing their program during a pandemic.

Pharmacy Residents 2020-2021 Residency Project
Shannon Khal (PCH) Opioid Use Disorder: Inpatient buprenorphine initiation and administration with coordination of outpatient follow-up
Amanda Brookhaus (PCH) Multidisciplinary approach to high reliability in prevention of hypoglycemia events
Phuong Anh (Kelly) Huynh (PSPH) Assessing the efficacy and safety of tranexamic acid in hip fracture surgical cases
Chris Burgess (PGY1/PGY2/MHA) Clinical pharmacist impact on inpatient behavioral health outcomes in patients receiving long-acting injectable antipsychotics
Shawn Gunadi (PSPH) Simulation Program Implementation: Codes and Clinical Competency
Hejie Choi (PSPH) Reducing gabapentin-associated neurotoxicity in hospitalized patients with chronic kidney disease; Clinical pharmacist collaboration with quality services
Margaret McKenzie (PGY2) PGY1/PGY2/MHA Collaborative ketorolac dose optimization
Orlando Macaranas (PSPH) Optimization of Ambulatory Services for Hypertension
Wendy Sun (PSPH) Clinical pharmacist impact on barriers for multiple sclerosis patients in the pharmaceutical care clinic
Jennifer Nguyen (PSPH) Morbidity and Mortality review: Anticoagulation
Randy Cho (PSPH) Optimization of Ambulatory Services for Diabetes