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Class of 2017 - 2018

Grads Residency-PGY1-PGY2-2017-2018

Left: Providence St. Peter Hospital Residency Graduates | Right: Providence Centralia Hospital Graduates
Pharmacy Residents
Residency Project
Lauryn Mow (PCH) Transitions of Care Optimization and Expansion for Diabetes patients
Zaynah Ali (PCH) Expansion and Optimization of Inpatient Palliative Care Pharmacy Services
Christopher Andrews Collaborative expansion of transitions of care services for COPD patients in the Providence Southwest Region
James Milner (PGY1/PGY2/MHA) Transitions of care pharmacoeconomic analysis of patients with acute COPD exacerbations
Laura Martin Implementation of a protocol for outpatient management of DVT and PE from the ED
Jennifer White Education and Collaboration to Decrease Orthopedic Opioid Prescribing
James Milner (PGY2) (PGY1/PGY2/MHA) State of the Pharmacy: Annual Report 2017
Anneka Levra Pharmacy Rounding as a part of Transitions of Care Services
Marian Dobles The Role of Pharmacy in a Multidisciplinary Falls Prevention Team
Trenton Aoki Implementing the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Core Elements of Outpatient Antibiotic Stewardship at a family medicine clinic
Shilpa Korah Optimization of Hepatitis C Management Services: Pharmacist Collaboration

Grads Residency-PGY1-PGY2-2016-2017

Class of 2016-2017

We've added new residency programs, and our residents presented a year's worth of their achievements at the PSW Education Conference in Madison.

Pharmacy Residents
Residency Project
Ryan Nottingham Palliative Care Pharmacy Consults Gap Analysis
Jimmy Leonard (1) Collaboration with Department of Health (Pharmacy Quality Assurance Commission) (Suicide prevention and awareness - pharmacy subcommittee) (2) Collaboration to improve hospital and poison center documentation in intravenous lipid emulsion cases
Philip Tobias Optimizing Antimicrobial Stewardship of Prescribers: An Education-Based Approach
Kristine Nguyen Opiate ordering, prescribing and education prior to discharge
Amy Yanicak Opioid overdose prevention initiative at two regional hospitals: determining the benefit of patient opioid overdose emergency response training and naloxone kit distribution
Christine Doran Pharmacist involvement in new post-discharge clinic targeting patients at high risk of readmission
James Myres (PGY1/PGY2/MHA) Optimization of Nicotine Replacement Therapy in Providence Southwest Washington Region Inpatient Facilities
Andrea Fernandez Causes of 30-day re-admission in congestive heart failure patients and patient-specific interventions in two acute care community hospitals
Ashley Morrisey Transitions of Care Optimization and Expansion for COPD Patients
Tylor Heilman Optimizing Antimicrobial Stewardship of Prescribers: An Education-Based Approach