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Residency Life at Kadlec

Our residency takes place in multiple settings including our outpatient Kadlec Family Medicine Residency Clinic (KFMR), the Kadlec Regional Medical Center, outpatient specialty clinics, local private practices, and a local free clinic. The thread woven throughout our training is seeing our own patients weekly at our residency clinic.

As an unopposed residency, KFMR residents have full access to the mentoring of attendings throughout the hospital, including our Gold Team adult hospitalists, the inpatient pediatric hospitalists, emergency medicine physicians, cardiologists, and more. Our yearly block schedule offers increasing freedom with each year to allow residents to tailor their experience to their interests.


  • Core rotations all located in the Tri-Cities area; most are within walking distance and all are within a 15-20 minute drive.
  • In the 2nd and 3rd year, residents assume supervisory/teaching role for the interns and medical students.
  • Medical students do rotations at KFMR during their 3rd and/or 4th year.
  • Didactics sessions occur every Wednesday afternoon and is protected time. Didactics time includes presentations by faculty and specialist providers, resident/faculty meetings, resident case presentations, workshops, wellness activities and more.

Glance at a Typical Day at KFMR Clinic

1st Year Continuity Clinic (13, 4 week blocks, 2 half days)

  • Block 1: full month of orientation; direct observations with 2 hour appointments (resident fully supervised throughout appointment)
  • Blocks 2 –7: 1 hour appointments
  • Blocks 8-13: 40 minute appointments.

2nd Year Continuity Clinic (13, 4 week blocks, 2 half days)

  • Blocks 1-7: 40 minute appointments
  • Blocks 8-13: 20-40 minute appointments

3rd Year Continuity Clinic (13, 4 week blocks, 3 half days)

  • Blocks 1-7: 20-40 minute appointments
  • Blocks 8-13: 20 minute appointments

Glance at a Typical Day on Inpatient Rotations

Inpatient Adult Medicine (IPAM)

  • 6am arrive & preround
  • Rounds between 9am and 1pm
  • 1pm-7pm orders, notes, patient follow-up

Obstetrics (OB)

  • Monday - Friday
  • 2 weeks days: 7am-7pm
  • 2 weeks nights: 7pm-7am (no clinic when on nights)

Inpatient Pediatrics (IPP)

  • 1st Year: 2 weeks newborn nursery, 2 weeks Peds floor
  • 6am arrive and preround
  • 10am-12pm round
  • Afternoon: orders, notes, patient follow-up
  • Tuesdays: at home call
  • Friday: 24 hour in-house call


The Resident Wellness Committee, consisting of residents and faculty, plans events for residents and staff. A variety of activities are planned during quarterly didactics as well as throughout the year. From resident retreats, hiking, barbeques, holiday socials, and resident week celebration, we incorporate balance within a busy residency lifestyle.