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Meet Our Faculty

Katie Karlson, MD, FAAFP
Program Director
Why I love to teach:
I have a great love of learning and learned this at a young age from the example of my father. My father has a passion for teaching---he taught Chemistry at the Air Force Academy and for various other colleges. He also taught neighborhood kids math and science. He continues to still teach to this day even in his retirement, but now is teaching about gardening and leads the Master Gardener Association. My 3 year old son knows every plant and vegetable thanks to my father’s teaching.
Medicine is forever changing with new updates, medications, guidelines, and recommendations for best practice. I enjoy being in the Residency Program where I can keep up on the latest evidence-based information. What better way to learn than to teach!
Professional Interests:
I enjoy leading and teaching. I enjoy all aspects of family medicine and see patient of all ages and practice full spectrum care including Obstetrics.

Natalia Luera, MD, FAAFP
Associate Program Director
Why I love to teach:
Teaching at Kadlec Family Medicine Residency provides an opportunity to see the growth of newly-minted physicians into independently practicing physicians. As a faculty member, it is a privilege to observe resident physicians increase their medical knowledge and find their practice style. Teaching resident physicians occasionally creates the opportunities to coach them through difficulties and it is very rewarding to see those resident physicians overcome their challenges. I have been able to see our very first class of residents graduate and I look forward to many more graduation ceremonies!
Professional Interests:
Women’s Health, Integrated Behavioral Health Primary Care, Social Justice, Practice Management, Epic EHR training.

Marie Cadwell Meyer, DO

Core Faculty

Pacific Northwest University Osteopathic School of Medicine

Why I love to teach:

My path to medicine was laid through childhood science fairs and groomed by parents that encouraged their children to learn-by-doing and never hesitated to donate their (perfectly operational) household appliances for our experiments. Whether we were microwaving light bulbs, dissecting fetal pigs, dismantling a toaster or suturing orange peels, we were continually learning how things worked. In medical school, residency and private practice, I was even more impressed by the process of inquiry and discovery. I work as a core faculty member at Kadlec Family Medicine Residency because I love helping see and shape how doctors ask questions, make decisions and communicate with others. Beyond the “how it works”, I now get to learn “why”. I particularly enjoy teaching obstetric care, point of care ultrasound and outpatient procedural skills.

Karl Kuzis, MD, PhD

Core Faculty

Oregon Health Sciences University

Why I love to teach:
One of my best friends once described me as a “Collector of Experiences”, a phrase I have come to embrace. My varied life exposures have been driven by an intense desire to learn, to explore and to take advantage of the opportunities life has so kindly presented me with. As with most things in life, learning is much more fun when shared. No matter if it’s exploring with the grandkids, thinking through the next camping / boating / travel challenge with my wife or working shoulder to shoulder with my sons on their latest project, the process of gaining and sharing knowledge is the highlight of my life. As physicians, I believe we are truly blessed that our profession allows us the opportunity to be of service to others while sharing the learning process with our peers and our patients.

Professional interests:
An unapologetic advocate for the full scope of Family Physicians in our healthcare system, I enjoy all aspects of patient care. I have developed a comfort level with “Difficult” patients, complex care, and delivery of well-rounded / patient centric care that efficiently addresses the patient’s needs. Due to my experiences, the intersection of excellent patient care / experience and sustainable business practices in medicine is a particular area of interest.

Nayab Rifat, MD

Core Faculty

Ross University School of Medicine

Clinic Provider / Community Preceptors

Dennis Ryan Hunt, ARNP

Kadlec Family Medicine

Matthew Lawrence, MD
Community Preceptor

Three Rivers Family Medicine
Richland, WA

Russell Maier, MD, FAAFP
Community Preceptor
Associate Dean for
Graduate Medical Education