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Meet Our Faculty

Katie Karlson, MD, FAAFP
Program Director
Ross University
School of Medicine

Why I love to teach:
I have a great love of learning and learned this at a young age from the example of my father. My father has a passion for teaching---he taught Chemistry at the Air Force Academy and for various other colleges. He also taught neighborhood kids math and science. He continues to still teach to this day even in his retirement, but now is teaching about gardening and leads the Master Gardener Association. My 3 year old son knows every plant and vegetable thanks to my father’s teaching.
Medicine is forever changing with new updates, medications, guidelines, and recommendations for best practice. I enjoy being in the Residency Program where I can keep up on the latest evidence-based information. What better way to learn than to teach!
Professional Interests:
I enjoy leading and teaching. I enjoy all aspects of family medicine and see patient of all ages and practice full spectrum care including Obstetrics.

Matthew Carlson, DO
Core Faculty
Touro University College of Osteopathic Medicine

Why I love to teach:
I have been blessed with resources, access, and a level of privilege that has allowed me great latitude in the pursuit of my academic interests. I feel that helping guide others through their journey is a way of paying back that debt in-kind with mentorship, instruction, and grace to explore. I find joy in the shared experience of discovery. When life experiences and study ignite the fires of new knowledge or new connections, as an educator I get to share in that moment and often receive the gift of new insights.

Medicine is a dynamic and complex area of study that is built upon a foundation of extensive knowledge and the proliferation of possibilities in its technical application. My journey has brought me to this place to cultivate and nurture others in their growth as healers. I am grateful that, through teaching, I also will continue to evolve as a physician and educator in order to better serve my patients and the community at large.
Professional Interests:

Rubicelia Perez, MD
Core Faculty
Loma Linda University School of Medicine

Why I love to teach:
"Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day, teach him how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime." This proverb is significant because it illustrates the power of a teacher. My parents were my first teachers, and I have and continue to learn, many important lessons from their journeys and sacrifices for our family. There have also been many other influential teachers in my life and I soon came to realize the value I could add to someone's life by teaching. Not only does teaching offer the opportunity to help someone else, but it also reinforces what I know. What's more, I often walk away learning something too. There is always room to grow, that is why I love teaching and chose to become part of a teaching team. Helping to inspire and mold our newest physicians is a privilege and responsibility that I am thrilled to be a part of in this new chapter of my career.
Professional Interests:
Professional Interests: Women's health, Community medicine, lifestyle medicine.

Arash Razi, MD
Core Faculty
Ross University School of Medicine

Why I love to teach:
My love for teaching has grown over the years and it all started back in college when I worked as a tutor. I enjoyed sharing my knowledge and seeing students get to that “aha moment” was my favorite part of the job. I am truly passionate about medicine and helping residents and students navigate through their experience to become the best providers they can be is my goal. I love learning as much as I love teaching! Being a core faculty member in the residency program is helping me stay up to date with all the new treatments and guideline updates. I am looking forward to continuing to teach residents who are the future of medicine and serving the community.
Professional Interests:
Adult medicine, behavioral health, preventative care, resident and medical student education, resident wellness.

Community Preceptors

David Bonner, MD
Kadlec Clinic – West Kennewick Primary Care

Matthew Lawrence, MD
Three Rivers Family Medicine
Richland, WA

Joshua Lum, MD
Kadlec Clinic – Kennewick Primary Care

Richard Meadows, MD
Kadlec Clinic – South Richland Primary Care

Shannon Phipps, DO
Kadlec Clinic – South Richland Primary Care