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Program Director Leadership Philosophy

Katie Karlson, MD, FAAFP

I value and strive for the following:


  • Being a good listener – listen attentively to all perspectives from my team without interrupting verbally or by multitasking (reading emails/texts)
  • Treat others with respect and value ideas
  • Provide clear and constructive feedback
  • Speak candidly and respectfully disagree when necessary
  • I will encourage open communication amongst all team members
  • I value honesty
  • I will show respect and compassion when communicating

Focus and with a clear vision:

  • I will have a clear vision for our Residency Program’s future: to develop outstanding physicians who have excellent clinical and communication skills, encourage personal growth and develop doctors with humanitarian and leadership qualities, etc.
  • I and my team will set goals regularly (daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, and long-term); recognizing the benefits of shifting from reacting to planning


  • I am open to new ideas and/or suggestions
  • I can always learn from my team and value their input
  • Follow : “It’s never too late to make a better decision”


  • I will have a calm/even temperament
  • I will be optimistic even under challenging or difficult circumstances
  • I will say “yes” whenever possible if a request is reasonable
  • I will show courage and resilience


  • Without the residents, faculty, coordinators, MA’s, and staff we would have no Residency Program; therefore, I will treat everyone with care and respect and expect the same of others
  • I will strive to inspire my team and work with the strengths of others; relying on all members of faculty and support team
  • I will make differences into strengths; complement one another, not compete with one another
  • I will be inclusive
  • I will empower members of my team to discover and use their greatest potential

Hot Buttons

  • Lack of teamwork
  • Triangulation
  • Showing favoritism
  • Dishonesty
  • Using profanity, showing disrespect of staff, residents, or other faculty members