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Wellness Curriculum

We believe that burnout is a serious problem among physicians and that wellness is key to longevity and enjoyment in the field of family medicine. We believe happy residents will love where they train and stay and practice close by. As such, we have a robust wellness curriculum in which residents and faculty learn alongside each other how to manage the pressures of the modern medical environment.

Components of our curriculum include:

  • Quarterly half-day activities with faculty and residents
  • Didactics and workshops geared toward wellness and burnout prevention and mitigation
  • Resident Support Group
  • Regular Advising
  • Combined Wellness Activities with the St Peter Family Medicine & Summit Pacific Residency Programs including resident retreats, intern pause and spirituality retreats
  • Access to Employee Assistance Program for counseling services
  • Benefit package that includes paid Family Medical leave
  • Creative electives for Parent-Bonding and Provider as Patient to ensure adequate support during personal and family transitions.

“Residency is hard by nature, but this is a place that is accommodating and supportive to help us through the hard work.”
Jordan Snell, DO, class of 2020

“Southwest Washington is an excellent place to have a work-life balance, with a relaxed atmosphere. We feel supported by our attendings and have freedom ourselves to learn. Our program does an excellent job to make sure we don’t go over work hour limits, and they really encourage wellness and make sure we are all doing well.”
Chiagoziem Obiajunwa, MD, MPH, class of 2021