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Specialty Clinics

Procedure Clinic

Common procedures done include dermatologic procedures including skin biopsies, laceration repairs; nail removal, gynecologic procedures including IUDs, Nexplanon, Endometrial biopsies; circumcisions and orthopedic joint injections.

Residents get additional procedures during their rotations with Orthopedics, Emergency Medicine, Surgery, Gynecology and Obstetrical Rotations and Medicine Rotations.

Residents gain independence in performing procedures by completing Basic Skill Qualifications to ensure they have the skills they need to graduate.

Outpatient Based Opioid Treatment (OBOT) Clinic /Hepatitis C Treatment

Residents all receive their buprenorphine waiver certification in their first year. Residents will participate in OBOT clinic primarily in their second and third year of residency as part of their training in addiction medicine.

We are the first clinic in Lewis County to prescribe Suboxone to patients on state insurance. Our program has been instrumental in helping the local judicial system implement a program that includes medication assisted treatment as an option for recovery.

As part of our OBOT clinic, we also treat Hepatitis C in collaboration with the University of Washington Project Echo program. We are the only Primary Care Clinic in Lewis County, prescribing Hepatitis C treatment.

“What I enjoy most about our program is the complexity of the patient population. We help patients with substance abuse disorders, mental health treatment management, and lifestyle factors common in rural medicine to help them get back on track to live a healthy life. We provide quality care for the patient population with evidence-based medicine, deferring to the latest guidelines and research. We are young and fresh doctors with new ideas and enjoy the collaboration with our supervising attendings to create a beneficial combination.”
Dr. Katherine Shield, class of 2021

Osteopathic Manipulation Treatment (OMT) Clinic

DO residents participate in OMT clinic starting in their first year. This clinic is precepted by our DO faculty to help residents continue to fine tune their skills in manipulation. OMT didactics and workshops are also available for both DO and MD residents. MD residents who desire to use OMT in their continuity clinic are supported in picking up new skills. DO Residents can also perform OMT in their own continuity clinics.

Primary Care Psychiatric Consult Clinic (PCPC)

This clinic is for residents to refer their continuity patients for whom they need guidance on psychiatric medication management. Residents participate in this clinic with a Psychiatrist to gain comfort with psychiatric medication management. Even though our Psychiatrist recently moved out of the area, we have been able to continue with this clinic through a telemedicine model as it has been such a wonderful resource for our patients and residents.

"Participating in specialty clinics and community medicine opportunities allowed me to gain confidence in addressing complex psychosocial issues with my patients while making meaningful connections within the community." - Kate Slaymaker, Class of 2022​