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Curriculum Highlights

Emphasis on Continuity Clinic

To integrate residents into the rural community, continuity clinic starts at Chehalis Family Medicine beginning in the first year. Residents have full days in clinic even in their intern year during hospital rotations so that clinic can be home base.

Specialty Clinics

Residents participate in several specialty clinics within Chehalis Family Medicine including Procedure Clinic, Outpatient Based Opioid Treatment clinic, Primary Care Psychiatric Consult clinic, Osteopathic Manipulation Clinic, Transitional Care Management (post hospital follow up) clinic and Medicare Wellness clinic.

Interdisciplinary Care

Residents learn how to utilize their team to provide high-quality care. We believe that everyone should work to the top of their license in our clinic. Pharmacy and Behavioral Health are integrated seamlessly in our clinic.

Full Spectrum Training

Residents have inpatient and obstetrical rotations in all three years to develop the skills to continue practicing full-spectrum medicine post-graduate. As a rural training program, residents complete their first-year hospital rotations with the St. Peter Family Medicine Residency program interns at Providence St. Peter Hospital. Second and third-year rotations are done predominately at Providence Centralia Hospital.

Wellness Curriculum

We believe that burnout is a serious problem among physicians and that wellness is key to longevity and enjoyment in the field of family medicine. We believe happy residents will love where they train and stay and practice nearby. As such, we have a robust wellness curriculum in which residents and faculty learn alongside each other how to manage the pressures of the modern medical environment.

Longitudinal Curriculum

Interspersed throughout all three years residents participate in longitudinal experiences including: Addiction Medicine, Lifestyle Medicine, Point of Care Ultrasound (POCUS), Community Medicine and Electives. These opportunities allow residents time to get involved in our community and tailor their own learning.

"Our continuity clinic at Chehalis Family Medicine is a fully integrated patient centered medical home. We have a fantastic team that includes pharmacy and behavioral health, that is so well integrated we’ve presented regionally and nationally on how family medicine residency programs can integrate these specialties in their training and patient care. We have several specialty clinics within our clinic including: a very busy and well-run addiction program for medication assisted treatment for opioid addiction and hepatitis c treatment, procedure clinic, osteopathic manipulation clinic and psychiatric consult clinic. Residents are given significant autonomy in our community hospital with strong training in full spectrum family medicine including hospital medicine and obstetrics. Our program has a robust wellness curriculum. Given our small size, we really get to know our residents well and care for them like our family."
-Miguel Lee, MD, Program Director, Chehalis Family Medicine Residency