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2021-22 Call Parameters

Resident Call

Inpatient Call Coverage

Outpatient Call Coverage

PGY1 (4 residents)

  • 3 full weekend (Sat/Sun) training calls per year with senior resident (PGY3).


PGY2 (5 residents)

Week day night and weekend call ratio 1:11

  • 22 Weekday nights each
  • 6 weekends each
  • Holidays covered by PGY2 class 2020-21 (~1 holiday per resident)


PGY3 (5 residents)

Week day night and weekend call ratio 1:16

  • 15 Weekday nights each
  • 4 Weekends each


Outpatient call ratio 1:6.5

  • 8 weeks
  • Holidays covered by PGY3 class (1 per resident)

PGY4 (3 residents)

Week day night and weekend call ratio 1:30

  • 8 Weekday nights
  • 2 Weekend each


Outpatient call ratio 1:13

  • 4 weeks


  • Weekday night call is taken from home. Residents are required to go to the hospital for admits, unplanned discharges, or for acute patient situations that require their direct presence
  • There is no limit on the number of admits done while on night/weekend call, although it is very rare to have to do more than one.
  • Weekend call resident and attending must see all resident AGPU patients and complete notes. Weekend call resident is also responsible for rounding and writing notes on adult and pediatric psych Consult/Liaison patients that require to be seen over the weekend
  • Whoever is covering weekend inpatient call is also on call preceding Friday night
  • If there is a PGY2 on the inpatient service, they take call Tuesday and Thursday nights during that rotation. This makes up most, if not all, of their scheduled weekday call nights
  • PGY2 residents are responsible for Holiday inpatient coverage and call
  • When there is no PGY2 resident on the inpatient service, Tuesday and Thursday night calls will be covered by PGY3 resident
  • PGY1 residents cannot take call. They will participate in 3 full weekends of inpatient training call where they will assist senior resident (PGY3 or 4) and be trained on weekend coverage. They are present with the senior resident whenever the senior is required to be in the hospital. These weekends will occur on psych related rotations (inpt adult/child psychiatry, CL, neurology, etc.)


  • Only PGY3 and 4 responsible for outpatient call
  • Coverage includes STHC and FBH patients
  • Covered in one week spans, outpatient phone is handed off on Thursdays to oncoming resident

Backup call

  • Residents will be available for back up call for inpatient coverage (PGY2-4) and outpatient phone coverage (PGY3, 4) per ratios of corresponding coverage in chart above.
  • Inpatient backup call coverage occurs in weekday (Mon-Thursday) and weekend (Fri-Sunday) blocks

***If there is a resident long term absence, the call ratios will increase for the remaining residents in the program evenly***