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Providence Cancer Institute Franz Head and Neck Clinic is dedicated to serving patients with head and neck malignancies. Under the supervision of attending staff, fellows will provide surgical and reconstructive aspects of care.

Providence Portland Medical Center is one of four area hospitals where fellows will perform major ablative head and neck surgery and microvascular reconstructive cases under the supervision of attending staff.

Off-campus Training Site Experiences:

While the majority of clinical and operative experiences occur at Providence Cancer Institute, approximately 20% occur at either Legacy Medical Centers or the office of Head and Neck Surgical Associates, including:

  • Full scope ablative head and neck oncology experience including, mucosal, paranasal/skull base, salivary, thyroid and cutaneous disease
  • Transoral robotic and laser surgery for head and neck malignancies including oropharyngeal, tongue, larynx (simulator available)
  • Endocrine experience including management of thyroid and parathyroid malignancies
  • Management of advanced benign lesions of the head and neck including salivary, schwannoma, paraganglioma, odontogenic tumors etc.
  • Comprehensive surgical management of the head and neck oncology patient including ancillary procedures such as airway reconstruction, voice restoration, and facial nerve re-animation.

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