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At Providence Cancer Institute – Oregon, we promote and model lifelong learning, communication and procedural skills and the teamwork necessary to provide high-quality care, especially to those most in need. Our mission is to develop leading physicians to be the cornerstone of patient-centered, socially responsible, community-oriented care. Our programs offer the best of all worlds – we are small enough to have excellent cohesiveness and an ideal nurturing learning environment yet located in a larger metropolis hospital allowing for excellent specialist training.

Why Providence?

The people: Our programs attract active, vibrant and thoughtful fellows, faculty, and clinical staff. We love what we do and our camaraderie shines through, whether at staff and fellow meetings or in our clinical and research work.

The curriculum: Each program's curriculum is innovative and fellow-driven. It includes a strong foundation of specialty skills and the opportunity to have a focused experience for academic and technical development.

The community: Portland is the perfect place to train for community-based, full-spectrum care. You will train with front-line specialists in one of our larger metro-area hospitals to provide care to our underserved and clinically diverse community.