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This fellowship is was established in 1993 by Dr. Lee Swanstrom and is accredited by The Fellowship Council.

Over the years, the “Swanstrom Fellowship” has earned a reputation as a leading academic training program aimed at inspiring future leaders in foregut surgery. Today the program’s objective is to continue that tradition. We go beyond training “competent” GI surgeons and focus on the mentorship and development of expert foregut surgeons who will be the future leaders in our field. This program is specifically designed to provide a panel of expert teaching faculty, comprehensive and high volume of clinical cases, and innovative research programs.

Key program elements:

  • Fellows will participate in clinical and surgical care of patients within the faculty clinical practices and have significant autonomy in patient care.
  • Training will cover all aspects of foregut (esophageal and gastric surgery) including diagnostic testing, esophageal physiology, diagnostic and therapeutic flexible endoscopy, laparoscopic and open surgery and care of these patients. We have a high volume of both benign and malignant foregut cases.
  • Complex clinical case conference and formal attending didactics in addition to regularly scheduled journal clubs.
  • Both basic science and clinical research opportunities are available during fellowship and fellows are expected to complete at least one clinical research project suitable for eventual publication per year, in addition to video presentations and book chapters as available to build the fellow’s academic resume.
  • Exposure to running a practice including an on-site esophageal physiology testing unit.

Why Providence?

  • Providence Portland Medical Center (PPMC) is one of four area hospitals where fellows will perform complex advanced gastrointestinal and foregut surgery cases under supervision of attending staff. PPMC is the region's leading high-volume center for foregut surgery providing an unmatched experience for fellows. Over the past 20 years, PPMC has built an extensive team of experienced clinicians and staff dedicated to the care of foregut patients including not only foregut surgeons but experts in critical care, interventional radiology and gastroenterology. Exceptional operating room staff, respiratory therapists, nutritionists and clinical nurses and more all provide an integral component to delivery of the finest care unique to patients with foregut ailments.
  • The Oregon Clinic is a private practice clinic embedded into Providence Portland Medical Center. Their Center for Advanced Surgery - Foregut Surgery Team is nationally recognized as leaders in the field of foregut surgery. Through this model fellows have the opportunity to experience 1:1 mentorship within a unique practice structure preparing them for work within both private practice and larger healthcare organizations.
  • Approximately 27% of all Oregon advanced gastrointestinal cancer cases are diagnosed and/or receive treatment at Providence. This provides our fellows with a high case volume and diverse operating experience.
  • Protected research time in association with the Foundation for Surgical Innovation and Education allowing fellows to collaborate with an innovative team of surgeons researching new minimally invasive techniques and technologies. Fellow research and outside education are amply supported with mentorship, time off for national meetings and assistance in manuscript preparation.