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Past Residents

Previous Residency Projects:


  • Kelsi Grinde (University of Montana): Evaluation of Pharmacologic Guideline-Directed Medical Therapy Among Hospitalized Patients with Heart Failure
  • Nikki McCartney (Washington State University): Optimizing Blood Glucose Management in Hospitalized Patients with Steroid-Induced Hyperglycemia


  • Lexi Duce (University of Montana): Evaluation of the pharmacist’s role in pain management in a community hospital setting.
  • Elyssa Hanson (Washington State University): Evaluation of Cefepime Use to Improve AMS Practices by Narrowing Antibiotic Therapy through Process Standardization


  • Emily Buckner (University of Montana): Evaluation of the pharmacist’s role in the transitions of care process in a community hospital setting
  • Shawn Anderson (University of Washington): Impact of pharmacy-driven interventions on antibiotic therapy for patients with gram negative bacteremia.


  • Joey Redmon (Washington State University): Optimizing Dexmedetomidine Use in the Intensive Care Unit
  • Lauren Erickson (Washington State university): Multidisciplinary education for hypoglycemia prevention in the hospital