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Meet Our Residents

Residency Class of 2023-2024

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Artem Golub:

College of Pharmacy: Washington State University College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences

Hometown: Auburn, WA

Current Residency Project: Optimizing Ceftriaxone Utilization For Definitive Treatment in Urinary Tract Infections.

Why I chose Providence: Choosing Holy Family for my residency was a natural decision after my experience completing rotations within the Providence network. The institution’s commitment to fostering a nurturing work and learning environment, coupled with its diverse range of rotations spanning from critical care to oncology, convinced me that this was the right fit for me. The dedication of every staff member to the success of the resident is palpable, and the preceptors are not only knowledgeable but also deeply invested in the resident’s growth. Holy Family places a strong emphasis on collaboration, interprofessional care, ensuring high- quality patient service. I have felt a strong support system within the pharmacy department and an abundance of opportunities for my career development. Holy Family is equipping me with the necessary tools to become a well-rounded clinical pharmacist.

Professional Interests: Acute Care, Antimicrobial Stewardship, and Emergency Medicine

Personal Interests: Reading, Hiking, Woodworking, and Automotive Repair

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Jaime Ramirez:

College of Pharmacy: Washington State University College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences

Hometown: Lake Elsinore, CA

Current Residency Project: Development and Implementation of a Pharmacist-Led Drug Dosing Protocol for ICU Patients on PIRRT

Why I chose Providence: My decision to choose Providence Holy Family was strongly influenced by the valuable experiences I gained while working here as an intern. Right from the start, I felt a strong presence of a supportive culture throughout the institution. All of the pharmacy preceptors consistently demonstrated their interest in guiding residents’ growth and providing them with invaluable education and training that aids in their professional development. Furthermore, this program offers a diverse range of learning opportunities that are highly appealing and would provide me with the comprehensive residency experience that I am looking for. With these considerations in mind, selecting Providence Holy Family was an easy decision for me. I knew this was the perfect setting that would allow me to continue my journey toward becoming the well-rounded clinical pharmacist that I aspire to be.

Professional Interests: Psych, Infectious Disease, and Critical Care

Personal Interests: Hiking, Watching football, Exploring new restaurants