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Program Description

The 6-week training period allows for extensive experience with current technology, expert instructors, and a diversity of patient phlebotomy opportunities, including adult/child in-patient and out-patient environments. This training is an earn-to-learn based program. Please refer to Tuition & Fees for further information about program costs.

Program Duration:

Applicants are accepted quarterly. Please contact us for current training schedules.

Full-time, 6-week training requires the following commitment from trainees:

  • Training is Monday-Friday, 8-hour days
  • Classroom Hours: between 0600 and 1530
  • Clinical Hours vary: between 0400 and 2200

Training Structure:

  • Lecture & Hands-on Student Lab
  • Live & Online Learning
  • Clinical Training: Minimum of 100 clinical hours & 100 clinical draws
  • Instructors include experienced faculty, phlebotomists, and hospital leaders

Curriculum Covers:

  • Blood and non-blood collection, transport, processing, and handling techniques for patients of all ages and conditions, and for various testing requirements
  • Healthcare delivery and medical terminology
  • Infection control and safety
  • Basic human anatomy and physiology
  • Point of care and waived test performance
  • Workplace communication and professionalism
  • Laboratory operations and practice

Certification Exam:

Graduates from the Phlebotomy Training Program are eligible for Washington State Medical Assistant-Phlebotomy licensure (required) and will receive a certificate of completion, which qualifies the graduate to take the optional American Society for Clinical Pathology (ASCP) National Board of Certification exam (BOC). Some states may require additional licensure.

Guaranteed Providence Work Placement:

Earn-to-Learn (ETL) Paid Internship + 24-month Providence Work Contract

As part of the training program, selected applicants are hired as Clinical Student Interns. After training is complete, interns may apply to an open phlebotomist position or enter the float pool as a supplemental phlebotomist until permanent positions become available. The paid position requires a 24-month work commitment as a phlebotomist at participating Providence laboratories.

Applicants must be eligible to work at Providence facilities and eligible for WA State MA-P licensure.