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Learning Experiences

Core Learning Experiences

Direct patient care: 4 Primary Care Blocks (8-12 weeks). Use of clinical pharmacy agreements with a focus on diabetes, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, mental health, and pain. Most of resident time is spent in clinic with an emphasis on direct patient care and integration into the medical home team.

Health education: 32 weeks. Residents share their expertise with primary care teams and pharmacy learners (APPE students and PGY1 residents). The goal is to ensure the resident can understand, evaluate and teach primary literature.

Evidence-based medicine: 46-48 weeks. Residents are a resource for clinic providers and patients with general questions about pharmacotherapy, and also provide evidence-based responses to questions from providers. Residents provide certified continuing medical education for pharmacists and physicians.

Leadership/management: 46-48 weeks. Residents will work with pharmacy leaders to improve pharmacy services across the health system.

Medication safety: 46-48 weeks. Residents will provide consults in response to unusual occurrences related to medications and/or vaccines.

Major project: 46-48 weeks. Residents will complete a residency project and publishable manuscript.

Besides the core and non-longitudinal learning experiences, residents will participate in other activities to gain knowledge, practice-management skills, presentation and teaching abilities, and professional leadership.