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Observers - US

Swedish Medical Center offers Observerships: one per person per academic year (July 1 – June 30); up to 40 hours per academic year; ideally completed within 30 days of a start date.

Please read the Swedish Medical Center US Observer Policy and Procedures.

Swedish GME does NOT provide placements with providers. In order to engage a Preceptor (i.e., the physician, physician assistant, or nurse practitioner you plan to shadow), please visit to find a provider, and contact their office directly.

NOTE: This process applies to Swedish employees or members of a Swedish-affiliated program or team seeking a career development opportunity. (Shadowing as part of job duties is mandated by the person’s manager, and GME Clearance is not needed.)

Once a provider is engaged, complete a Preceptor Agreement together, and submit to Make sure that we get a working, active email address for you, the applicant. Please submit your completed Agreement as soon as possible, but no later than three weeks before a proposed start date.

You will receive an email communication instructing you to complete an Onboarding Checklist, which will request the remainder of Required Documents/Confirmations. Please complete this Onboarding Checklist as soon as possible, but no later than one week of receipt.

If you are interested in arranging a shadowing experience with a nurse (RN) or Allied Health Professional (e.g., medical assistant, radiology technician, physical therapist, audiologist, etc.), please contact the Swedish Clinical Education team:

Required Documents/Confirmations*

US Preceptor Agreement (*Pre-Requisite)

Preceptor Agreement

Confidentiality Form

Confidentiality Form

Background Check

Basic option for Washington State, using name and DOB:

If you are not from Washington State, you will need a current official background check run in the state of your primary residence.

Personal Health Insurance Card

Scan of personal health insurance card



Vaccine and Immunization Requirements

Please see the Vaccine and Immunity Requirements


Photo should be passport-style, front-facing, with plain background

Swedish Orientation Modules

Safety Orientation Modules can be found here: