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Spokane Public Schools (SPS)

Rotations: School Based Psychotherapy

Spokane Public School District is the largest school district in Eastern Washington and the second largest in Washington State, with ~30,000 students and 1,800 teachers. The district includes 34 elementary schools (preschool-6th grade), 6 middle schools (7-8th grade), and 7 high schools (9-12th grade).There are ~1,400 English Language Learners, speaking 56 different languages. 25% of students are considered an ethnic minority and 57% of students qualify for federal free / reduced meals. Spokane Public School District is also a Licensed Mental Health Clinic and employs several dozen therapists and leadership team of PhD psychologists. It sponsors several psychology interns each year for their practicum experience. The Mental Health Clinic provides comprehensive behavioral and psychotherapy clinics to all students in the district.

St. Anne’s Child and Family Center

Rotations: Early child development / normal development

St. Anne’s Children and Family Center is a participant in Washington State Early Achievers program and provides early learning opportunities to children aged 1 month to 6 years. There are 14 classrooms with two infant, two pre-toddler, two toddler, and seven preschools. The school serves over 200 families with ethnic and SES diversity. Majority of students are neurotypical however the school has expanded to take children with mild neurodevelopmental concerns. The school utilizes Creative Curriculum to promote social/emotional, physical, language, and cognitive development. The school employs a team of certified teachers and early life specialists.

Joya Child and Family Development

Rotations: Early child development / intellectual disability

Beginning as Spokane Guilds’ School &U Neuromuscular Center in 1960, Joya is a comprehensive program offering early intervention for children ages birth to 3 and serves 300 children in Spokane County each year. A multidisciplinary team of social workers (family resources coordinator, social workers, pediatricians) therapists (occupational, physical, speech, cognitive), teachers, and medical professionals (pediatricians) work together to provide individualized comprehensive, and developmentally appropriate treatment plans.

Excelsior Wellness Center

Rotation: Inpatient

Excelsior Wellness Center is a community-based nonprofit organization dedicated to helping youth and families achieve wellness by living improved lives. Excelsior offers behavioral health, education, and specialty services. Behavioral health services include outpatient (health and wellness education, substance use services, assertive community services, and outpatient psychiatric care) and inpatient services (acute stabilization, recovery housing, intensive outpatient for substance use, transition age housing, and extended foster care housing). Education services include middle school, high school, GED preparation, online learning, and vocational training.

Spokane County Juvenile Court System (SCJCS)

Rotation: Forensics

Spokane County Juvenile Court Services is committed to providing a system that is free of bias based on gender, race, ethnicity, and for other marginalized communities, and by promoting public safety, accountability, and positive change for delinquent, dependent, at-risk children, and their families. The Juvenile Detention is a 39-bed facility with 51 full time staff and 54 volunteers. In 2018, there were 1,173 bookings and 821 detained at Juvenile Detention.