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Clinical Experience

Key training sites include Sacred Heart Medical Center and Children’s Hospital, Spokane Teaching Health Clinic, Spokane Public School District, Frontier Behavioral Health, Joya Child and Family Development, Excelsior Wellness Center, CHAS Health, and Spokane County Juvenile Court System. Elective opportunities are available with additional community partners. We look forward to the future of our program and building our community with new and energetic trainees.

Year 1

  • Pediatric Neurology (Sacred Heart Children's Hospital) - 4 Weeks
  • BEST (Child Intensive Outpatient / Partial Hospital Program (Sacred Heart Children's Hospital, BEST Program) - 12 Weeks
  • Adolescent Inpatient Psychiatry (Sacred Heart Children's Hospital, PCCA) - 8 Weeks
  • Pediatric C&L (Sacred Heart Children's Hospital) - 12 Weeks
  • Emergency Psychiatry (Sacred Heart Children's Hospital) - 8 Weeks
  • Neurodevelopmental Disorders (Joya Child and Family Development) - 8 Weeks
  • Continuity Clinic (Frontier Behavioral Health) - 1/2 day per week

Year 2

  • Forensic Psychiatry (Spokane County Juvenile Court System) - 4 Weeks
  • School Experience and Psychotherapy (Spokane Public School District) - 1/2 day per week
  • Continuity Clinic (Frontier Behavioral Health) - 1/2 day per week
  • Collaborative Care (Providence Pediatric Clinics) - 1/2 day per week
  • Electives (Options include but not limited to: Gonzaga University Counseling, Excelsior Wellness Center, Healing Lodge of the Seven Nations, Crisis Intervention, CHAS, Frontier Behavioral Health)