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Meet our Current Residents

Raymond ChuRaymond Chu

Hometown: Moorpark, CA

Current Resident Project: Increasing Access to Care for Untreated Hepatitis C Patients Using a Team Based Approach

Why I Chose Providence: Providence Sacred Heart’s Anticoagulation and Pharmacotherapy Residency stood out to me for 2 reasons; It’s focus on direct patient care in a one-on-one clinic setting within a large, multi-state organization with many resources for its patients and that it practiced in the state of Washington which is one of the most progressive in terms of pharmacy practice. Coming from a state in which pharmacists have only recently gained provider status, I was impressed with the level at which this clinic is able to practice and believe that the training here sets residents apart and ahead from what other practice sites are able to offer.

Professional Interests: Direct Patient Care, Public Outreach, and Process/Quality Improvement

Personal Interests: Cooking, Driving, and Fishing

Rebecca TsoRebecca Tso

Hometown: Cupertino, California

Current Resident Project: Implementing a Collaborative Care Model for Medication Management of Cystic Fibrosis in a Pharmacist-led Ambulatory Clinic

Why I Chose Providence: Having worked at an anticoagulation and pharmacotherapy clinic during my pharmacy school years sparked and solidified my passion for ambulatory care pharmacy. Through the management of a wide array of disease states and chronic conditions, this residency program truly maximizes ambulatory care exposure and training for its residents straight out of pharmacy school. The ability to manage patients and oversee their care longitudinally allows me to practice at the top of my license all the while developing lifelong patient care skills.

Professional Interests: Anticoagulation, hepatitis C, HIV, diabetes, biologic therapy management

Personal Interests: I love anything that gets in touch with my creative and crafty side— whether it be scrapbooking, bullet journaling, or cardmaking.

Rachel LundyRaymond Chu

Hometown: Oregon City, Oregon

Current Resident Project: TBD

Why I Chose Providence: It was important to me to find a residency that offered a wide range of ambulatory care opportunities, would allow me to gain experience in a variety of disease states, and have a supportive community to learn in. I found all of this with Providence. This residency will allow me to gain experience managing patients longitudinally and foster the development of lifelong patient care skills.

Professional Interests: Diabetes, cardiology, cystic fibrosis

Personal Interests: I love to go hiking and explore new restaurants around town.

Elizabeth SatterwhiteRaymond Chu

Hometown: Salisbury, North Carolina

Current Resident Project: TBD

Why I Chose Providence: From my first interaction with the Providence Pharmacotherapy Clinic, I was impressed with not only how organized and efficient the team was, but also how friendly and approachable they were. I knew this would be an excellent site to start out at as a new practitioner. This clinic manages a wide variety of patients with many different disease states, which also appealed to me. Providence allows pharmacists to practice at the top of their license, which gives us the opportunity to ease the way of patients and fellow healthcare providers alike.

Professional Interests: Teaching, preventative health, heart/vascular disease, lung disease, autoimmune conditions

Personal Interests: gardening, cooking, hiking, napping with my cats