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Rotations Offered

Required Rotations

  • BCACP Prep
  • Camp Stix
  • Centralized Refill
  • Orientation
  • Pharmacotherapy Clinic
  • Population Health
  • Quality Improvement
  • Staffing


  • Advanced heart Disease
  • Credena Health Pharmacy
  • Geriatrics
  • Infectious Disease
  • Management

Brief Rotation Descriptions

Advanced Heart Disease

This is a 5-week elective block rotation that takes place at the Advanced Heart Disease Clinic and is designed to engage the resident in face-to-face visits for heart failure and cardiac transplant management. The residents will actively participate in patient care visits and assist to promote optimal patient outcomes related to heart failure.


This is a required longitudinal rotation designed to prepare the resident to sit for the BCACP exam at the end of their residency year. Study materials will be provided to the resident along with a study schedule that makes every effort to coincide with the rotation the resident is currently on.


This is a required one-week block of fun that takes place at Camp Reed. The rotation is designed for the residents to learn about Support, Tradition, Information and X-citement alongside 200 children with type I diabetes. Residents will be members of an interdisciplinary medical team responsible for the safety of campers and counselors while getting hands on experience with insulin pumps and continuous glucose monitors (CGMs). The rotation is designed to teach residents what it is like living with diabetes through the eyes of children ages 9-16. Until there's a cure, there's camp!

Centralized Refill

This is a required longitudinal rotation that takes place virtually and is designed to engage the resident in the centralized refill process. Residents will be assigned 150 refill requests every other weekend. Residents will review charts to determine if refill requests are appropriate and authorize refills on behalf of providers using an established refill protocol. Participation in this required experience is a hands-on way to help residents remember medication specific monitoring parameters which will be beneficial when sitting for their board certification exam.

Credena Health Pharmacy

This is a 5-week elective block rotation that takes place at the Sacred Heart Outpatient Pharmacy and is designed to engage the resident in the medication distribution process. Residents will work alongside pharmacists and pharmacy technicians to process new and refill prescription orders. Residents will also participate in the Meds to Beds discharge program.


This is a required longitudinal rotation and is designed to engage residents in population health efforts to maintain star ratings. Residents will review charts of patients who are not meeting their health outcomes. Residents will either enter chart notes or reach directly out to patients to bridge care gaps.

Quality Improvement

This is a required longitudinal rotation based out of a target clinic and is designed to engage the resident in the process of pharmacy service expansion. Projects will focus on developing and implementing new clinical pharmacy services based on clinic need while considering resident interest. Residents will present their project in poster form at the ASHP Midyear Clinical Meeting and in PowerPoint form at the Western States Residency Conference.


This is a required longitudinal rotation designed to engage the residents in ambulatory pharmacy practice. Residents will routinely cover pharmacist shifts at the High-Risk Pregnancy Clinic, Providence Medical Park, and the Spokane Teaching Health Clinic. Resident will occasionally be scheduled to virtual shifts with the centralized refill service to help cover vacation requests and sick calls.