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Clinical pastoral education residents provide emotional and spiritual support to patient, families and staff at Providence Sacred Heart Medical Center, Holy Family Hospital and other specified clinical sites, under the supervision of an ACPE Certified Supervisor, to develop and enhance the resident’s professional competence and professional identity as a spiritual caregiver.

The CPE residency provides an action-reflection process model of education in which the Resident and ACPE Supervisor will jointly develop learning contracts with provision for final evaluation after each unit of education. The Resident must successfully complete consecutive CPE units and continue participation in the CPE program in order to continue qualifying for employment as a Chaplain Resident.

The CPE Residency Program is normally designated for one year.

Admission Requirements


  • Education: A master’s degree (MDiv or MA in theology; or an equivalent degree in other related disciplines), from an accredited college, university or theological seminary or institute; or ordination from a recognized Jewish Seminary. Successful completion of at least one previous Unit of ACPE Certified CPE™ is preferred.
  • Licensure/certification: Ordination and/or endorsement by an established denominational or church authority/or religious superior is preferred, as evidence of good standing within a faith group.
  • Other qualifications: A CPE Resident shall have a(n):
    • Proven aptitude for interpersonal work, sound mental/emotional health, and the ability to minister in cross-cultural, interfaith settings: This includes the capacity to consistently establish and maintain relationships, to be open to learning, change and growth and an openness to developments in faith and theology, spiritual and personal growth, outreach through compassion and justice. It also includes the capacity to endure at least moderate amounts of organization stress with a flexibility and openness to rapid change in acute care hospital based ministry. Strong written and interpersonal skills are required as well as the abilities to actively listen and project an open, nonjudgmental attitude toward all people of diverse ethic, social, cultural and spiritual traditions and previous experience in ministry in pastoral care and/or health care settings is preferred.
    • Completed an ACPE application with application fee of $35.
    • Admission interview with a qualified interviewer (ACPE Supervisor or Supervisor in Supervisory Education). A personal interview at Providence Sacred Heart CPE Center is preferred.

Program Learning and Service Expectations

  • Actively participate in all aspects of the clinical pastoral education program
  • Share clinical rotations with peers, other students, permanent staff, providing pastoral and spiritual care to patients on assigned units
  • Complete written assignments such as verbatim reports, reflection papers, evaluations of each CPE unit and other assignments as required
  • Participate in a mid-year consultation and assessment process to move to Level II
  • Complete a ministry specialty/clinical research project as a Part of Level II CPE to present to peers and staff


  • Residents receive an hourly wage of $17 per hour for clinical hours of ministry, subject to federal and other tax. The Resident is considered a temporary employee of Providence Sacred Heart Medical Center. The position ends after one year.
  • Meals discounts while in hospital.
  • Group health insurance available at the beginning of the second month of the program


  • Application fee: $35
  • Nonrefundable down payment at acceptance: $100
  • Tuition: $600 per unit of CPE residency (less down payment) is due the first day of the unit, payable to Providence Sacred Heart CPE Program

No financial assistance is available for Residency positions.