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Certified Educator Residency

Certified Educator Residency is an accredited program that teaches the art of Clinical Pastoral supervision. Students learn the theory and practice of supervision and experience by supervising internship and residency students under the guidance and consultation of a CPE Certified Educator.

Applicants at the point of final admission have three years to complete the certification process for the Associate Certification level. Certified Educator Residency is an annual appointment based upon assessed performance, with an option for a fourth year as approved by Providence Sacred Heart’s CPE faculty. Certified Educator Residency is initiated when a position is available; the training year begins at the date of hire.

Program Learning and Service Expectations

Introductory period (three months)

Certified Educator Student (CES) prepares with the primary supervisor and faculty for the required readiness consultation and works as chaplain in the department.


  • To learn the culture of Providence Health & Services
  • To learn the department and its operations
  • To assess pastoral identity and practice (Level II outcomes and supervisory education outcomes 315.1-4)
  • To give CES and supervisor time to work together and assess fit
  • To map learning intentions and expected outcomes
  • To provide time and consultation on preparations for readiness
  • To begin reading in CPE supervision, e.g. ACPE History, Standards
  • To join a SES peer group

Observation Period (three to six months)

CES continues to engage in theory of persons and education while preparing with primary supervisor and faculty for an appearance before a Candidacy Committee.


  • To gain experience by observation of and discussion with the program supervisor
  • To prepare draft of materials for candidacy application
  • To complete preparation for candidacy committee appearance and makes a successful appearance for candidacy
  • To develop, with the program supervisor, a reading program in order to explore content and theory areas related to the practice of CPE supervision
  • If candidacy is not attained, the CES responds to the Certification Committee’s concern and reappear at the next scheduled committee meeting.

Initial Supervision as Certified Educator Candidate (three to six months)

CES continues to develop supervisory knowledge and skills while developing theory and initial drafts of required theory papers for presentation.


  • To provide one-to-one and group supervision under supervision
  • To co-lead seminars with program supervisor
  • To coordinate certain program elements to gain experience in program planning and management

Working Through Supervisory Candidacy (two years)

During this period of candidacy, the candidate will plan and conduct summer and/or extended units of internship. The Candidate will submit and have the required theory papers passed and prepare for an appearance before the Associate Supervisor Committee of the ACPE Certification Commission. The candidate will maintain a regular schedule of supervision with his/her primary supervisor.


  • To supervise three to four individual units of internship under supervision
  • To develop and submit the required theory and position papers
  • To prepare presentation of a CPE unit with supporting materials for certification as Associate Supervisor

Admission Requirements

Providence Sacred Heart’s Clinical Pastoral Education programs follow the standards and guidelines of the Association for Clinical Pastoral Education, Inc. To be considered for admission to the Certified Educator Residency program, the applicant must:

  • Complete the ACPE application
  • Participate in an admission interview on site
  • Hold a Master’s of Divinity or equivalent
  • Be ordained/licensed and endorsed by her/his faith group
  • Have previous ministry experience in which the applicant demonstrated ability to function pastorally
  • Successfully meeting CPE Level II outcomes as documented in the supervisor’s evaluation or assessed in the readiness consultation
  • Demonstrate familiarity with the Spiritual Care Collaborative Common Standards for Professional Chaplaincy/ Note: The ACPE Standards and Code of Ethics supersede these standards
  • Consult for readiness for the student and supervisor as specified in the ACPE Certification Manual
  • Current ACPE membership


  • Compensation to be negotiated, subject to federal, state and city tax. The SES is considered an employee of Providence Sacred Heart Medical Center for the length of the three year program but should be prepared to find a positions as a CPE Supervisor elsewhere if one is not open at the Center.
  • Discounted meals while in hospital
  • Group health insurance available at the beginning of the second month of the program