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Providence Clinical Educational Rotations

Providence Oregon GME Office

4706 NE Glisan St, Portland, Oregon 97225

Welcome and thank you for choosing Providence. We are honored and excited to participate in your educational experience.

Clinical education rotations may be arranged in a couple of ways. The first is by working with your school’s student coordinator who may have an established relationship with Providence medical staff members. The second is by arranging a rotation directly with a provider that is either a member of Providence’s medical staff or an employee of Providence.

Additionally, Providence offers specific Programs, focusing on Family and Internal Medicine. These programs have a pre-screening application unique to that program’s requirements. Once your application is accepted by them, you will need to provide the documents outlined below to meet hospital and HR clearance requirements.

Our office does not query departments at Providence on clinical rotation availability or provide contact information of staff members.

Once your rotation is scheduled, you must ensure that your school has an Affiliation Agreement in place. Since this requirement can take several weeks to secure, be sure to allow sufficient time in the application process. If you are unsure if an agreement is in place for your school, contact the GME office.

When you have confirmed both your preceptor and school affiliation agreement, please fill out the forms below – at least 4 weeks prior to the start date of the rotation. This will ensure that appropriate background checks and informatics access requests are completed by the time your rotation begins. Missing or late forms may result in a delay of the start of your rotation. Please note that you will receive a confirmation notice that you are approved for your rotation. You cannot start without this notification.

First time Clinical Rotation Applicants

STEP 1: Supporting documentation: These documents are referenced in the Clinical Rotation Request. Please read prior to completing the request.

STEP 2: Clinical Rotation Request:

NOTE: All residents and fellows must have an Oregon Medical license. You may apply for a temporary license through the Oregon Medical Board. Dental residents need to have an application in process for their license.

STEP 3: HR documentation: For Program/school coordinators to complete and submit WITH the Clinical Rotation Request for first time rotational requests.

HR Student Affiliations spreadsheet

STEP 4: Compile email and send to: Providence Program Coordinators

  • Attachment 1: Clinical rotation request.
  • Attachment 2: GME Student Affiliates spreadsheet (xls)
  • Attachment 3: Digital photo (headshot, plain background)

Returning clinical rotation learner – all learner types

Are you returning to Providence for another clinical rotation? If yes, please complete the attached forms and return it to the appropriate Providence Program Coordinator.

Returning Clinical Rotation Request
HR Student Affiliations spreadsheet


Students unable to secure a school affiliation agreement may opt to shadow/observe a Providence staff member. This is strictly observational with no hands on interaction with patients and does not meet ACGME eligibility requirements for school credit. If this observation is for more than 8 hours cumulatively, please complete the attached request. The GME office does not coordinate these experiences and cannot provide names to contact. This request is sent directly to the Providence Medical Staff member with whom you are observing and not to the Program Coordinators.

Job Shadow

Learners who want to observe a provider for 8 hours or less cumulatively over the course of a year are considered Job Shadows. Please complete the following documentation and submit it to the Provider you will be shadowing. The hosting department will finalize signatures and keep it on file. Do not submit to HR or the GME office.


If you are working with a Providence staff member on a research project, please complete the attached form and send to the GME office.


If you have arranged a rotation with someone at Providence and you are not a student in the categories listed above (medical student, advanced nursing student, PA, resident, fellow), contact the HR Student Affiliation office to get assistance with the correct paperwork.