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Our Community

What makes us special is our people. We are small enough that you are likely to be recognized in the grocery store, but large enough that you will be able to find like-minded people regardless of your interests. Although politically progressive, we know and rely on one another which engenders respect regardless of political affiliation.

We Support Education

Many of our elementary and secondary schools have been recognized as California Distinguished Schools. College of the Redwoods, our local community college offers vocational training including a Registered Nursing program as well as a low-cost option for students to transfer to 4-year colleges. Humboldt State University is currently transitioning to become Cal Poly Humboldt which will be the third polytechnic university in the California State University system. In addition to offering a full university curriculum it will specialize in Environmental Engineering, Sustainable Energy and Bioengineering.

We Believe In Science

The pandemic has had a dramatic effect on our community, as it has around the world. However, despite living in a rural area, our COVID-19 vaccination rate is higher than the national average and our community has largely supported masking mandates. As of October 2021, our COVID-19 death rate was 8/10,000 population which is less than one half of the US average death rate. Our residency program has had to make some changes such as adding clinic telemedicine visits to our curriculum. However, there has not been any significant disruption to our training program.

We Embrace Tolerance, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Humboldt County is less racially diverse than much of California. However, in the recent census our Hispanic population is 12% and our Native American population at 6% is one of the highest among California counties. What we lack in racial diversity, we make up in socioeconomic diversity. Our county is not affluent. We have no gated communities. We send our children to public (or parochial) schools where they are in classes with children of health care workers, university professors, but also loggers, mill workers, fishermen, cannabis farmers and the homeless. In a small community we know that we must rely on one another which engenders tolerance, respect and understanding.