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Our Climate

Contrary to popular rumor, it is not always foggy, and it does not always rain in Humboldt County. The word that best describes our climate is moderate. It is never too hot or too cold to do outdoor activities. On the coast a warm summer day is 70 degrees, and a cold winter day is 40 degrees. The record high temperature in over 100 years of record keeping at the Eureka Weather station is 86 degrees. In the summer, if you miss hot weather, you can travel 45 minutes inland and swim in the Trinity River where the summer temperatures often reach 100 degrees. Snow is almost unheard of along the coast. However, if you miss the snow, you can travel 30 minutes to the ridge of coastal hills which are blanketed in snow all winter. We receive 38 inches of rain a year which falls almost exclusively from October to April. This is more than most of California, but similar to many Eastern cities. We appreciate the rain because it keeps our redwood forests green and keeps the fire danger along the coast low. If you like to get outside year-round, we feel that our climate is perfect.