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Humboldt Food Culture

For over 150 years Humboldt County has exported food to the rest of California. Whether vegetarians or omnivores, we are all locavores, supporting our local organic farmers and food producers.

Our Farmers Markets

The North Coast Growers Association sponsors ten different Farmers’ Markets in different local communities. The year-round weekly market on the Arcata Plaza is the largest and showcases the finest in local organic food products.

Our Local Food Producers

When shopping at the market we support our local food producers including Humboldt Creamery, Humboldt Grassfed Beef, Cypress Grove Cheese, Brio Breadworks, Los Bagels. our local Mexican Jewish bakery, Dick Taylor Craft Chocolate, Clendenen’s Cider Works, Muddy Waters Coffee and many others.

Our Local Grocery Stores

We do have large national chain stores such as Safeway, but not a Whole Foods or Trader Joes. However, even better, we do have local stores such as North Coast Coop with stores in Arcata and Eureka and Eureka Natural Foods with stores in Eureka and McKinleyville which specialize in fresh, local and organic foods.

Humboldt County Wineries

Although not as well-known as a wine producing area as our neighboring counties to the south, we do have a number of local wineries with excellent products including Moonstone Crossing in Trinidad, Fieldbrook Winery in Fieldbrook, and Septentrio Winery in Arcata.

Our Local Breweries

It is difficult to choose among our many local breweries serving their craft beer in their tap rooms and also shipping out of the area. Some favorites include Mad River Brewery, Lost Coast Brewery and the Eel River Brewing Company.

Humboldt Bay Oysters

Humboldt Bay is the site of the largest oyster farming operations on the West Coast due to the purity of our water and the excellent growing conditions. Enjoy them on the half-shell, grilled or in a stew. Join the “Oyster Calling” competition at the annual Oyster Festival on the Arcata Plaza.

Our Restaurants

After having to survive on take-out for the past year, our restaurants are beginning to open again for in-person dining. For a rural area, we have a remarkable variety of restaurants for every palate and every pocketbook.