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Podiatric medical students are invited to Swedish Medical Center for a one-month clinical rotation during their final year of podiatric medical school to further advance their knowledge in podiatric surgery and medicine and operating room protocol. In the operating room, they function as a surgical scrub technician with a certified technician present. This allows the student first-hand knowledge about the instrumentation and equipment utilized in surgery as well as close observation of surgeries being performed.

The goal of the Externship Program is to provide the undergraduate podiatric medical students with learning and training experiences in podiatric surgery and medicine in such a manner as to strengthen their capabilities as health practitioners and to clarify their role in comprehensive health care delivery systems.

Program Objectives

  • Podiatric, medical, surgical and biomechanical evaluation of hospital patients
  • Pre-operative evaluation and establishment of criteria for selection of surgical candidates
  • Exposure to and participation in post-operative patient management
  • The learning and practice of surgical principles
  • The learning and practice of the principles of management of non-surgical medical inpatients
  • Becoming familiar with the roles and responsibilities of other medical disciplines
1. Who may extern? Applicants from all podiatric schools are accepted.
2. How will I be notified? A confirmation letter will be sent.
3. What if the month of my first choice is not available? We will offer you any available months instead.
4. If accepted, what do I need to bring? Equipment to perform a history and physical (stethoscope, pen light). Any items needed for your 10 minute presentation. White lab coat.
5. Is it true that only people who have externed are chosen as residents? No, but it helps.
6. Is there housing? No.

Please contact 206-215-2221 if you have any questions or require additional information.