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Jump Start Program

This unique program begins before the official start date of the Residency Program. It is an opportunity for the Resident that graduates early from pharmacy school and wishes to get an early start on their Residency Program. It allows the Resident the opportunity to have orientation, complete "staffing" or service commitment requirement training and begin Residency projects. It begins when the Resident completes all pharmacy graduation work and runs until June 30th. This program is strictly voluntary.

Pay Benefits:

The Resident will be paid at resident hourly rate during this "Jump Start" program.


The Resident will not be required to complete service commitment requirements during this time period. The Resident will be expected to participate in the "Jump Start" program during the normal business week and hours worked are flexible. The Resident will not work on weekends or holidays during this time.

Optional Staffing:

The Resident has the option of staffing, in addition to the "Jump Start" program, to earn extra income before the start of the Residency Program. This will be paid at the resident hourly rate.