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Fellowship Year Curriculum

Swedish Medical Center Geriatric Medicine Fellowship 2022-2023

Summary of Clinical Rotations

  • Inpatient Geriatric Consultations – Fellows spend 6 months per year on the inpatient service, providing inpatient geriatric consultations. They also provide geriatric teaching and supervision to the Swedish - First Hill family medicine residents (Green Team) and are in turn supervised by our geriatrics faculty. This is a longitudinal experience and happens concurrently with other rotations.
  • Acute Rehabilitation – Fellows spend one month on the Acute Rehabilitation Unit at Swedish-Cherry Hill, under the supervision of the Swedish physiatrists. This rotation includes both inpatient and outpatient experiences.
  • Family Medicine Outpatient Clinic – Fellows have family medicine clinic on Friday mornings at Swedish Family Medicine. Precepting is done by the regular faculty preceptor of the morning, who discusses and examines patients as necessary, and reviews and co-signs all chart notes.
  • Geriatric Assessment and Consultation Clinic – Thursday mornings, fellows participate in the Geriatric Assessment and Consultation clinic under the direction of our geriatric faculty and with Pharmacy residents, Social Worker, and Psychology Grad Students. They perform in-depth evaluation of complex patients, both their own continuity patients, and those referred from other physicians. This is a longitudinal experience, and happens concurrently with other rotations, and has pivoted to offer virtual visits in addition to in-person.
  • Geriatric Outpatient Clinic – Monday afternoons, fellows have a geriatric continuity clinic at Swedish Family Medicine. They perform in-depth evaluation of complex patients, both their own continuity patients, and those referred from other physicians. This is a 12-month longitudinal experience and happens concurrently with other rotations.
  • Home Visits – Fellows conduct home visits on their patients in patient homes, adult family homes, and assisted living facilities. We have just launched our Swedish Geri Fellows @Home primary care at home program and are building this service.
  • Long-Term Care – Fellows see patients two afternoons weekly at Caroline Kline Galland Home. They manage a busy panel of their own patients and help with the care of the long-term care patients belonging to our resident physicians. This is a longitudinal experience and happens concurrently with other rotations.
  • Neurology – Fellows work at the Movement Disorders Clinic at the Swedish Neuroscience Institute, under the direction of Dr. Pravin Khemani and Cognitive Neurologist Dr Nancy Isenberg and Neuropsychologist, Ariana Tart-Zevin.
  • Palliative Medicine – Fellows spend a month as a member of the Swedish inpatient Palliative Care Consult team, including time with ambulatory Palliative Care.
  • Hospice –fellows rotate with the home care RNs and therapists and work together with the team at Kline Galland Hospice.
  • Post-Acute Care– Fellows spend one month learning post-acute care at Kline Galland Home
  • Geriatric Psychiatry - Fellows spend one month working with the inpatient geriatric psychiatry team at Northwest Hospital.
  • Wound Clinic – Fellows rotate at the Swedish Wound Care Clinic learning the management of chronic non-healing wounds.
  • Bone Health and Pain Clinic – Fellows rotate with osteoporosis specialist and with the team at Swedish Pain Clinic for exposure to specialty approach to these issues.
  • Iora Health and Providence ElderPlace- Fellows rotate at these value-based care programs to gain insight into different models of care delivery for older adults.
  • Elder Abuse MultiDisciplinary Team - Fellows serve on this consult service and learn about how to approach Elder Abuse and mistreatment in the context of community experts

Summary of Faculty Development/Leadership Training

  • Fellows act as Preceptor in the family medicine clinic once per week. They are paired with a faculty supervisor.
  • Fellows teach and supervise family medicine residents on the inpatient service throughout the year.
  • Fellows attend weekly Faculty Meetings at the residency and are invited to all faculty-development sessions.
  • Fellows are invited to attend faculty development sessions at the University of Washington, including the UW FMRN Webinar Series.
  • Fellows participate in hospital committees, including the Patient Safety and Quality Committee sponsored by the GMEC.

Summary of Fellows’ Scholarly Work

  • Fellows are expected to produce an academic project during their fellowship: either a formal CME presentation, or a piece of academic writing, or both. Fellows typically present at some or all of the following venues.
  • Fellows deliver didactics presentations every three months to the residents of SFM – First Hill and SFM – Cherry Hill.
  • Fellows present once a year in the Fellows’ Most Difficult Case Conference lecture series, a tele-lecture with all Geriatrics fellows from west coast fellowships.
  • Fellows have the option to present a poster, abstract, or presentation at a national meeting, such as AGS, STFM, RPS, or AMDA.
  • Fellows can complete an independent Quality Improvement project that meets their ABFM Maintenance of Certification Part IV requirement.
  • Fellows present a case at Project ECHO Geriatrics and Project ECHO Dementia online Zoom meeting with the University of Washington.
  • Fellows present, with faculty, at Geri-a-FLOAT, an educational series of virtual meetings to deepen knowledge of geriatric medicine and to convene future geriatricians across the globe or networking and peer support.

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